4 Reasons Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

Sure, a car give you personal space, a neat sound system, air con, but for what you have to pay and sacrifice for all of them, it just isn't worth it. But a bike is not only cheaper to buy, maintain, run, register [in my country they give pensioner discounts on rego too] and insure, it gives you a fun and stress-relieving commute etc...etc.

#1] Cheaper on fuel

A 500cc bike averages 55 MPG, about the same as a hybrid. Small engines of -250cc can get triple-digit mileage. My cbr250r, when properly maintained get 80 MPG AND you won't have to worry about being late because of the slowness, being ridiculed because of the campness of eco cars, and won't be bankrupt because of the fortune you spend repairing a hybrid when something breaks on it. Which brings us to...

#2] Cheaper & Easier to Maintain & repair

Bikes are built for performance and economy and nothing else, meaning everything it does not need, it doesn't have. Unlike a car that had all kinds of expensive, heavy, performance draining things[some of which are now a legal requirement, can you believe that?!] like ABS, traction control, Limited Slip Differential, keyless ignition, and auto transmission.

All of these are just tech' for tech's sake, are prone to brake after a just a few thousand miles, and cost hundred or thousands to repair. If keyless ignition fails, it is known to cost $1500 just to get it started again. And most things that need to be done on a bike you can do in your own garage with a decent K-mart toolkit [not joking that's what I've done with my CBR 250.]

#3] More Reliable

The more technology we want cars to have, the less reliable they become, because there's more parts and gadgets that can fail and render the car useless. On a bike you just have a small simple engine, two wheels, blinkers, a taillight and a headlight. Some bikes have ABS, but luckily you can get bikes of the exact same make and model and year without that, unlike must cars, where if one has it, they probably all do.

#4] Cops Leave Bikers Alone [with the possible exception of Harley riders, no offense]

Cars get pulled over constantly for RBTs [random breath tests in my country, not sure about the US] because it's easy to hide that you're half drunk in a car, and people do that all the time. AND there's heaps of places you can hide nasty drugs and illegal weapons in a car. And the cops have no way of telling without pulling you over, so they just strait up do it to anybody in some cases.

But if us bikers mount up if we're so much as tipsy, we won't last a minute without hitting something and dying. Cops know that, so they leave us alone. In fact, we can't do anything stupid, or risk loss of life or limb AND license. And where on earth are we gonna hide dummy dust on our bikes?

Here some honorable short reasons too.

Girls love bikers- They believe[and they're probably right too] that a guy with a bike is under-compensating and must be hung like a horse and have an adventurous personality.

You join a brotherhood, of enthusiasts, where as car owners, or as we call them, Cagers, are no more friendly to eachother than average.



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  • 2, 3, and 4 are all outright lies... I owned a bike for 2 years before getting hit by two soccer mom's in minivans in on summer totaling my bike.

    2. I worked for a dealership and you do a first maintenance on the bike after 5 tanks of gas that costs about $200. You then do about 200 in beginning of the year startup work. There is a lot more general stuff you need to do to your bike to keep it working right too.

    3. Talk to any Harley or Ducati owner and you'll understand the definition of stupidity and how it pertains to your statement.

    4. I got pulled over riding home and illegally searched because I was riding a blue motorcycle. Apparently someone robbed a bank and got on some kind of motorcycle and rode off with the money. At the time I was 145lbs, who the fuck couldn't or wouldn't just beat the living piss out of someone 145lbs who handed a note through the window saying "This is a robbery". Seriously.


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  • Fun! But... they're worthless in any weather that isn't warm sunshine, they're eight million times more dangerous than cars, and their carrying/storage capacity is nil...

    Those would be on the opposite list, I know. :P

  • Good points especially last one - You might get a few petrol heads with cars but you wouldn't get the fraternity you have with bikers - I can't remember how I found it but me or one of my friends found a biker bar in my city and they were a great bunch of people - Ended up drinking there off and on for years - The type of place where if you fall off your stool drunk, the bar man will pick you up and put you back on the stool (actually happened to a friend of mine)

  • six three six...

    z X ten...

    H two R...

  • I love my Harley. But in the winter. I have to take the Truck. It attracts women to. Better on gas. So yeah I agree with the read. Good one.