3 of the Creepiest Cryptids

All over the world there are stories of creatures like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster but those are only some of the most well known, they are cryptids. Here are three of the creepiest out there.

The J'ba Fofi and other Giant Spiders

(Note, I used a fan illustration of Samwise Confronting Shelob because that happens the image of a Giant Spider that is most easy on the eyes. Not even I want to look at an Illustration of the J'Ba Fofi)

Giant Spiders have been reported all over the world. The J'ba Fofi is literally the Baka term for Giant Spider. The J'ba Fofi is found in the deep and untamed jungles of the Congo. The local tribes say they still see these monsters which are reportedly the size of a house.

Another giant spider is supposedly in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea. In 1942 an Australian Soldier on the Kokoda Trail Campaign said that he saw a spider the size of a dog in a fifteen foot web. Now the Kokoda Trail Campaign was notoriously brutal so lets hope that this is just an instance of PTSD for the sake of humanity.

The Wendigo

The American Indian Tribes of the Great lakes, the Northern forests and the Northeastern regions of the United States and Canada tell stories of a creature that feeds on human flesh. A creature that used to be a man. They say that the act of eating human flesh opened yourself to becoming a Wendigo, If you ate human flesh you opened yourself to an evil spirit.

This spirit would change your body and mind driving to mad with an endless hunger for human flesh. During the 19th century a man ate his whole family one winter when they ran out of food in their cabin in the great lakes despite their emergency supplies being less than five miles away. The local tribes insisted that it was the wendigo that drove him to it.

The Beast of Gévaudan

In 1764 a beast went on a killing spree in the former province of Gevaudan France. The beast was described as a wolf that was as big as a cow. The beast killed at least a dozen people before the King of France had to intervene. In 1765 King Louis XV sent two professional wolf hunters to try and kill the beast. The wolf hunters were armed with guns and eight bloodhounds specially trained to hunt wolves.

They thought they had killed it September of that year when they caught a wolf but on December second of 1765 it returned to brutally maul two men who luckily survived. The beast was finally killed by a hunter named Jean Chastel two years later in 1767. At that time the beast had killed over one hundred people and 98 of them were partially eaten. It had also wounded 49 people.

Now we don't know what kind of beast it actually was considering while its body was stuffed it was lost soon after and never found.



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  • I grew up with stories of windigo... on a stormy night it'll wait outside your camp, listening for your name. When it knows your name it'll call you out into the storm. If you follow it'll keep calling your name just a little further out each time, makeing you follow deeper and deeper into the storm, untill you freeze. Then it'll eat you or turn you into another windigo.


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  • Cryptids are another area of my interest, these three are quite creepy, but I think Kraken is even creepier.


    Fantastic Take by the way, you are on a streak 👍🏻

  • Good choices and I did watch someone on those giant spiders I think they're also in the amazon because a researching in the early 1900s saw a giant one even bigger then the one you said walk across a road in the amazon. And apparently the locals are so scared of these giant spiders that they actually build defenses.

    You should also look up the man eating tree in Africa I think it is.

  • Nice! Here are some more for the people who like them xD
    Look up (pictures) :

    - The rake
    - El Chupacabra
    - Fresno aliens (pictures aren't really scary, but what's haunting is that the native americans made totem poles just like these creatures)
    - Russian sleep experiment (no cryptid, but the story is just creepy. Couldn't bring myself to read everything)
    -https://chaoticneontiki. wordpress. com/2014/08/16/the-mythology-snob-top-10-most-horrifying-humanoid-monsters-in-mythology-series-part-4-the-americas/
    (This link has some unsettling pics)

  • Bigfoot is the scariest to me, not necessarily because I see it as a malignant force, but because of the potential anthropological implications. Think of it: if Bigfoot exists, then he is most likely another hominid. Imagine how it would feel seeing another one, knowing that we are no longer the only human species. It would be nigh metaphysical to say in the least.

  • Check out 'Ravenous' with Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle for a great horror costume drama about the Wendigo. Probably my favourite horror movie, hoping to watch it this Halloween.

  • That picture of the Wendigo frightened the life out of me.

  • The Wendigo was what poisoned the sacred Micmac burial ground in Pet Semetary, It was described as being big as hell in the book.
    It was left completely out of the movie, though.

    • Oh yeah I know. I'm a Stephen King fan and that was the first book of his I read

  • Oh my Jesus fuck...

  • Wendigos are the best