3 of the Creepiest Places in Existence

There are places on this earth that oftentimes will instill an overwhelming feeling of dread. Here are five of them that I find creepy.

1. Centralia Pennsylvania

If you were going to say that anywhere is portal to hell this former mining town in Pennsylvania would be it. You see it was a coal mining town, like many towns in the Appalachians however in 1962 a someone set fire to trash down underground. The fire soon spread to the coal still buried underground. The Fire well it hasn't stopped burning. Experts say that there is enough coal buried under centralia to burn for another thousand years.

The government declared eminent domain for the town of a thousand people but 10 of them who live on the outskirts refused to leave, a deal was reached that lets them live there for the rest of their lives then the government will take the land. As the ten people left are getting up there in age, we can expect that this burning town to be a ghost town in the near future as it burns and will continue to burn long after you and I are dead. The town was also the inspiration for the town of silent hill believe it or not

2. The OverToun Bridge, Scotland

You may not know it by looking at it but this bridge has something that makes it rather unique. Ever since the 1960s around a dog a month has leaped off the side and killed themselves. The total today is around 600 of mans best friends have killed themselves. Now what is even stranger is that sometimes a dog will survive, but instead of going back to their owner, THEY JUMP OFF AGAIN AND KILL THEMSELFS. now the government had sent a scientist out who said that it was the scent of mink luring the dogs to their deaths, however

However, a local hunter, John Joyce, who has lived in the area for 50 years, said in 2014, "[T]here is no mink around here. I can tell you that with absolute certainty."[6]-Wikipedia a lot of people would just take the scientists word on this. However anyone who knows anything about who to trust should realize that when it comes down to it, trust the people who have spent their entire lives hunting and living in the area.

To hammer this home, for years in the U.S state of Michigans upper penisula the locals said they had mountain lions. The Department of fish and wildlife kept telling them they had been expirated long ago. However a few years back, the USDFW actually found that the locals had been right all along. That also would not explain why a dog would throw themselves off of the bridge twice. So something still unknown about this bridge makes dogs try to kill themselves.

3. Jatinga, India

This is a small village in India that also is know for animal suicides. This time its birds. What is interesting though is that it happens with a certain regularity. It happens on foggy nights after monsoon season from around 6 pm to 9 thirty pm. Its also literally just this village.

So there are three some of the creepiest places on this planet.

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  • Wasn't there also a Suicide Forest in Japan somewhere and they had a horror film based on that sometime earlier last year?

    I think it will take the understanding of quantum physics or something to eventually decipher what the fuck is going on in those places. Maybe strong and strange field, such as a magnetic field, or some shit that is causing hallucinations or hypnosis or some shit.

  • As sad as animal suicides are, I live near a place that brings out the human suicides:


    • I find human suicides more sad, animal suicides are just fucking creepy

    • That makes sense. And yes, the creepy "Silent Hill" games and movies were based upon the Centralia mine fire. It's too bad they can't put that out, or somehow extract the thermal energy.

  • Ever been to Coventry? That's a depressing place.

  • the dog suicide one terrifies me lol