4 Freakishly Haunted Places in the U.K.

The British isles. These islands have seen many people come and go. From Roman legions made up of people from far away as Syrian and Iraq and Northern Africa (and yes, there is confirmed evidence that the legions manning Hadrian's wall had people from Syria and Northern Africa), to the invaders from Scandinavia. So it makes sense that these islands would be full of hauntings.

Here are four Haunting's from the U.K one from each individual country as a matter of fact.

The Treasurers House in York, England

In 1953 an apprentice plumber was working in the basement of the Treasurers House when he heard a sound from another time: the sounds of the horns of a Roman Legion. However, he kept working and went up the ladder when a ghostly horse and legionnaire brigade came through the wall. After falling and getting up the curator charged into the room and knew what he'd seen after saying, 'you saw the solders too.'

Carrickfergus Castle, Northern Ireland

Prince William might want to be aware that his title of Baron Carrickfergus comes with a ghost attached. This historic castle in Northern Ireland is haunted by several spirits one of which is called Buttoncap. Buttoncap is said to be a soldier executed for a case of mistaken identity.

Rothiemurchus Forest, Scotland

Back in the days when Scottish Clans ruled the wild north, this was the place where the Clan Shaw had their funerals. The Chief of Clan Shaw still haunts the forest, occasionally challenges hikers and passerby to fight as he still fights for his clan even in death.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales

The Skirrid Mountain inn is the oldest pub in Wales at over 900 years old. It holds a whole bunch of ghosts from a Hanging Judge and the felons he hung, to a deceased local Clergyman. The inn is famous and a tourist attraction so if you want to. you can go see it.



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  • Hey get off my territory! 😏 Haha good take

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      I'm of Italian Descent and a descendant of Clan Macrae

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    • I guess it has to do with the fact that places like England have been around in one form or another for over a thousand years.
      The u. s really only existed for 230 some odd years.

    • I know that's exactly the reason. But we have so many immigrants in the U. K. Too and they just say they're British. Doesn't matter where they came from. I'm half Dutch but I wouldn't go any further back than that personally.

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  • Well, the UK was always known for lots of haunted places, another excellent Take :D


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    • People shop at a store called Banana Republic,
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      I mean, Banana Republic, was Rwandan Genocide already taken

    • Lol tbh I don't even think the founders of the brand thought about that when picking the name

  • This is all very cool especially the third and last one.

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