The 3 Guys I Am in Love With and Why

Yes I am in love with three different guys.

Yes, I am married.

No, I am not cheating on my husband!

I am an avid reader of self-help books, but there are three particular authors that I am so in love with. I love how they talk, how they write and what kind of messages they are trying to send to the general population. I thought I would share with you guys who they are and why I am so in love with them!

1. Dave Ramsey

He is my number one and I am really in love with this guy. I talk about this guy daily with my husband. I listen to him daily on YouTube and I read his books. I also talk about him with my closest girlfriends! I tell everyone I know about him!

What is it that he has that I love?

He has DRIVE, PASSION, he has AMBITION. He also is PROACTIVE and he learns from his mistakes! He HELPS other people with their MONEY problems. He has taught me to cut all my CC up, have no debt and save as much as I can in my mutual funds. I have Roth IRAs and Investment accounts, and I know more about mutual funds, stocks, index funds etc because I am passionate about making my money work hard for me! I get this fire burning in me from Dave Ramsey to do something about my life, do something about my money that is SMART! I Just LOVE him!!!

2. John Townsend

John Townsend! He is so awesome and so is his partner in the book "Boundaries" and I can't talk about him enough! I wish everyone had read his book "Boundaries" and know when people are trying to manipulate them to do their job for them. I think this book has totally changed my life, and in a good way too. I also recently read "Beyond Boundaries" only by John Townsend and I was so in love with this book! I sent it to a family member but I wished I still had it so I could read it over and over and OVER again. I might just buy another copy online and do just that.

He helps you learn to protect yourself from people, because YOU can do that. YOU can't do everything for everyone, and that's not what your life should be about! I learned that from him. I had such a terrible problem of being a "pushover" because I thought that was "love" when I wasn't. It was "enabling". I learned to start telling myself that I can't do things, because my "plate" is already full. I started learning to finally say no even when others call me names, and put me down.

People out there will try to emotionally manipulate me, but now I am equipped by John Townsend and Henry Cloud's wise words and I will not be moved! They totally changed my life. I am so happy my close childhood friend sent me this book one day when I was telling her my problems. This book is a MUST for those who feel like they are overwhelmed by someone else's problem, that's not even theirs. Order it on ebay for under $5 if you REALLY want a copy! I just ordered one for a family member.

3. Stephen Covey

This book can help you, it has helped me be "smart".

This guy, he wrote an amazing book and I think everyone should give it a chance! It might just CHANGE your life! SERIOUSLY!

Be Proactive! Don't be Reactive! He'll give you examples and reasons why.

Learn to think win/win! You both can agree to disagree on an issue, and as long as they don't try to push you to think exactly like them and you don't do the same, you both WIN. You have to read his book to understand. This book helped me to not argue with people so much, but yet I can still have my point of view and they can have theirs. I understand them and I don't have to agree with them.

Seek first to understand then be understood is awesome too! All of his chapters in this book are so awesome.

I think it is because of this book that I had such "great" characters that helped OTHERS liked me, including the opposite sex whom I was trying to "impress" so they'd ask me out. This is THE book to really help you out so you know WHAT IS RIGHT to do, so that you are an effective person on others. I highly encourage this book; I have read it as a young teenager and also as an adult. I would read it again and again! I actually own a copy and if I see a used decent copy I might buy it and send it to friends or family members that I think need a little wisdom.

So what authors are you in love with? What book changed your life?


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  • Well written take - There is a job in marketing for you with that catchy title


What Girls Said 2

  • Nice title 😂 I was amazed by the witty twist.
    I don't really "love" authors but I love their masterpieces.

    Do non-fiction books count? I am more interested in reading political science books and statistical data than fictional ones so I don't keep track whoever the authors are anymore.

    Nonetheless, I love "Freakonomics" and "Cash Flow Quadrant". Those are very enlightening books and I have learned about the Ku Klux Klan in the former and the adventures of the homeless in the latter.

    • Any kind of book counts. Reading makes you smart. I have heard of freakonomics, and I have actually watched a video on it. Pretty interesting stuff.

  • good job!