Dear Guys, Use Your Hand: A Poem of Sorts ;)

(Disclaimer: this is for entertainment purposes only, any information that seems related to real life situations is purely coincidental)

Dear Guys: Use your hand, a poem of sorts ;)

If there is one thing, that I can not stand, is a guy who does not use his hands

A guy who can not pick up the phone, but makes excuses

I am here to tell you, that you are useless

The guys who waste a girl's time

The ones that string women along

The guys who can not be honest, yet whine, when they are the ones who did wrong

Well guess what, I only have three words for you and one of them is not love

The men who lie to women, and then complain when they get played

The men who play games with women, and cry friend zone all the way

Take me on a fancy first date, you won't get a kiss. Use your hand

Oh you say you are committed and you want to make love? That's great. Use your hand

Oh you say you love me. Use your hand.

You bought flowers? That's great. Use your hand

You bought jewelry? Use your hand

You magically can't commit but you want to call her in the middle of the night? Use your hand

You spent a lot of money on her, use your hand

These are the men that I can't stand

Use your fucking hand!


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  • A guy did this to me and it confused the shit out of me. Treated me like we were dating and then tells everybody else that we're just friends. You don't fuck your friends -_-


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  • No, I don't want to use my hand for these things because I'm aromantic/asexual.

    • Yes I know. Why do you feel the need to tell everyone that? Do you want people to throw you a pity party?

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  • good shree

  • hahaha good one

  • cool