What Should We Know Now, After The Big Bang Theory Was Proven

January 9th, 2017

Note: A big thanks and appreciation goes to @Centurion20000 and @martyfellow within the #GAG community for their genuine and absolute knowledge and questions as well as others who participated in the question "Could Earth Have Been A Star?"

This question was rather enabiling and encouraged me to do a MyTake on its behalf and to have the ability to think moreso theoretically, that I could actually believe it myself. One of my opinionated comments were as follows, "What I'm saying though, the possibility that this "supernova" could actually have been as such. Could be the reason the "Big Bang" actually happened…"

This continued to the point of being completely intrigued. "So what if that is the means to an end? Seasons wouldn't exist because it would pause. Time would pause, what do you think would…" And simply ended with "What happens when a movie ends? We have the ability to rewind it. Same principle would occur in such…"

During the time and evaluation it took for my responses, I enabled myself to do research and come up with an explanation, so I looked at the internet. "Google" and "Google Scholar" were my main sources. I had more questions in further, so I took screenshots with my cellular device in some of my research. They are below.

As well as Some YouTube videos:

I was rather disappointed in hearing that it has been proven as the article here says.

However, I decided to question other possibilities. Which is where my research has led me, in many directions. Now, I am evaluating what it means considering that it has been proven and here are your answers to my knowledge. Whether it'd be a diversity or something simple, the "Big Bang" being proven makes me wonder and theorize the biggest "Supernova" ever known to man. The expansion of it was more or less similar to a huge firework, or say, a balloon being strained too far it bursts, creating trillions of particles of all different sizes and shapes. This being our galaxies, stars, planets and so forth.

In further, I theoreticallly analyzed the possibility of magnetation as being something brought forthright out of curiosity. Perhaps the "Supernova", had so much power it had an immense amount of gravitational pull. The expansion after the "Big Bang" was merely the start of all things including life, therefore, if it could expand would there ever be possibility it may be brought back together and start all over again? Would time and history repeat itself? Sure maybe not in the same way as we hope but there is always possibility. Always extensive research and the best part "questions."

Speaking of creepy questions ever wonder if we could live forever?

--Butterflyroseblack, GAGer

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I really don't know a lot about astrophysics, don't quote my opinion widely!

    • @martfellow, you are most welcome, indeed! Your question:" Where do these elements come from, if not from an earlier star explosion?" was intriguing to me and I had to #mention you.

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  • Thank you, such an informative one!


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  • Technically the big bang was never proven, that would require it to be replicable which it obviously is not, observable which it obviously was not, and at the very least we could use math but that would require that we know for an absolute fact that 1. all variables are known, despite us not even being to leave our planets influence as of yet let alone explore the galaxy beyond the small bit of space we can (kind of) see, and 2. ensure that none of those outcomes are explanable by any other phenomonae. All of which is not the case. It is really a hypothis. So far nothing substantial and in fact the big bang would actually violate certain principles of science like claiming that matter/energy can be created even though the scientific law states it cannot be created nor destroyed (hence some suggesting an infinitely old universe i. e. the univers has always been) as for expansion of the universe other have suggested this could be due to a lensing affect, if the universe where football shaped depending on where you are it could make it appear as if the universe was stretching from a single point when in reality it is not, an optical illusion. If you are reffering to the microwave background temperature differences discovered, despite what media has claimed this is not proof, first and foremost its only a 30millionth of a degree difference which is insignificant, and again could be anything even our own drift through the galaxy and our galaxies drift through the universe could cause it. So, unfortunatley we still have no idea how our universe was formed. As for your question of eternal life, it would have major issues, without death and life their is no evolution, their is little motivation and eventually bordem would set in. Sounds fun at first but I can see it becoming a heavy burden rather quickly.

  • I don't think the universe matter will come back to it's starting point. I bet the universe is much bigger than we can see. Recently I think we found that it's several times bigger than previously observed. I knew the big bang "theory" (every heavily favored perspective in science is still called a theory pretty much which I think confuses the general public) was about as thought of as about as favored to physicists as evolution is to biologists. It was pretty much the truth to most of them, but that's cool to hear it's now seen as proven.


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