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My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

I want to tell a story of a situation that happened to me personally some weeks ago. It details the reality of cyber bullying when it goes beyond just the usual social media insults and pettiness. Although there are some people who have worse stories than mine, I still experienced it in an alarming way. I also hope that it encourages others to stand their ground and take action against the other person if they are able to.

Melody and I…

I met Melody (not her real name) on Whisper a while back. She commented on one of my posts there. A very open post, that you’re supposed to be able to feel confident about sharing on a site like that, but what I later regretted. We chatted, found out we live in the same area, exchanged numbers. We texted often. I thought she was an attractive woman but she said she wasn’t interested in a relationship or sex at that time in her life, and I was cool with that. We still talked.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

I made the mistake of trusting Melody with things that were really bothering me in my life at the time. I was feeling trapped and depressed, and needed to get it out I guess. She gave me the impression that she understood. We also talked about her life and things she did, trying to build a friendship. We added each other on Instagram and Facebook. I saw photos of her siblings she told me about. I also shared a link with her to one of my Takes here. But I got the sense after awhile that she really was only keeping up correspondence just going through the motions with me. So when things finally ended after about two weeks of texting, I was glad, but not for the way they ended.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

One day she decided to take something I mentioned about her sister as an insult which wasn’t at all, and if I were to show you the text I’m pretty sure you would agree with me. So she used that last correspondence as a final angry exit from our interaction, asking me to leave her and her family alone (I never spoke to any of her family). I tried to ask her how she perceived what I said as an insult, but she didn’t respond anymore, and I didn’t say anything else.

A nasty messenger in hiding…

A week or two later, one night I started getting notifications to strange replies someone was leaving on my Whisper posts. First starting out as just your regular jeers people can make. But they kept coming for the next hour or so, even on much older Whispers I posted, and they got more personal. This person knew where I worked, what I liked to do in my free time, and even what I looked like. I wondered how they were able to find all my Whispers and know it was me because no one is able to link a user with their Whispers or vice versa, so they must’ve combed through all the local ones and connected my username with each one.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

I messaged the person asking who they were, if this was a prank. At first I couldn’t be sure if it was a co-worker or someone else I knew, and it showed that they were also in my area. They immediately replied, a girl using a name with a play on my GaG name. She wanted to toy with me and even posted a photo with my face in it. I blocked her immediately, then reported her to Whisper officals.


All that night I kept trying to figure out who this person would’ve been. I mulled over everyone I knew in my mind, even Melody, but I didn’t think she would do that. Then one day I saw Melody driving by in the shopping center, and she pretended not to see me. Was the first time we’d ever been that close in person. I looked away and kept on going. Later it all came flashing through me with sharp realization: Melody’s sister was the anonymous snake. All the reasons for why and how added up very quickly. Melody would’ve told her all the things she and I talked about. She had betrayed my trust.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

As the day went on it all made more and more sense. That night I took a screenshot of one of her nasty replies, and sent her a simple message on Facebook with nothing but that screenshot, to let it say enough that I knew it was her. In just minutes she blocked me, and that told me right away I had the right person. But a few more minutes later she unblocked me and confessed that she was the one behind those nasty messages, and apologized - which she only did because she knew she got caught and was terrified that I figured out it was her - and said it was best we go our own ways, as if we were ever in any contact to begin with.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

I told her she had no reason to do all that, and made it very clear to her that if she tried that bullshit again I would get the police involved. She replied that she understood and awkwardly wished me a good night. And that was it. A couple days later I saw that she blocked me again, but it didn’t matter, I said all I needed to say the first time and she got the message.

I believe Melody’s sister is also here on GaG, but I’m not interested in responding to her, as I have been advised not to do in handling a case with a malicious person like her. I made my point clear to her already, and will do what I'm told to do if things go further.

How "cyber bullies" work…

I am a good investigator, which I don’t tell most people. I’m very observant and I’m very good at collecting information, just as easily as Melody’s sister could do with me. And when it comes to dealing with people online I am super good at finding out about them elsewhere online if I have sufficient details to gain more info. I've even done this with some of my own supervisors at work before.

When I used to be a moderator on a former site, I secretly lead what you could call recon groups or spy networks, where we worked to get rid of trolls, puppet accounts, and break up abusive cliques. It was just an unofficial thing privately between me and other users who shared and collected information about others, and sometimes I was even a ‘mole’ inside the bullies’ circles. So having “operated” in that, I came to have a pretty real understanding of how these creeps work online.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

Anonymity, or distance, is the weapon of choice for most, because they know - or think - they can’t be caught or punished. Some of us do know exactly who a bully is on the other end of the phone or computer screen, maybe someone we actually know in real life, but most cyber bullies are just petulant trolls with nothing better to do than pester you and others with constant assault and ridicule because they know they can. People think I’m cruel for hating Anons on GaG, but they often really are cowardly trolls, especially the pink ones. Online anonymity was invented for privacy but is just as often misused and abused.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

One common way these imps operate is by trying to get you or others on their side against a particular user they dislike and want to harass. These are the obssessive ones, and often this is the case for female bullies. They will bother you almost every day about a user they hate, messaging you about what they said here, what they posted there, and giving you links to the thread hoping you will go there and vote them up or join in against the person they hate. I know because I used to have more females in my circles than males on other sites in the past and many of them operate in the same way.

I will give you many chances…

Unlike a lot of people online, I hardly ever block anybody and I will give you more chances than you really even deserve. I can be patient with people for a long time before the last sand runs out or the string finally breaks, but when it’s up, it’s up. I don’t like to be petulant and pissy like a lot of other people who block for nonsensical shit, so the only times I ever block anyone are for racist comments towards me, intensely vicious insults towards my family or my personal life, and if you are one who likes to come on my questions or posts just to repeatedly spam my content with personal assault or naysaying. Which I had to do with two users here recently. One of which I used to talk to regularly but things went downhill a while back, but even in that I was veeeeery patient with her before I decided her time was up.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

Last year I had a problem here with a user who would also repeatedly harass me on almost every answer, comment, and question I made. She was an “Uber Mod” abusing her powers, and things reached the impetus when she brought her girl gang in to bother me about some bologna I didn’t even know or care about. Having enough, I wrote to the staff about her and they removed her Mod status. And having once been a moderator myself, I know how the system works and how to approach the situation.

Hound me enough, and I will finally bring the hammer down. You can poke, prod, and jeer at me but I won’t let you get away with it forever. And if you’ve noticed, I’m not one who has a tendency to resort to personal attacks with anybody unless I really, really want to but is not very common or necessary for me. If we are going to argue or debate, I will do it intelligently. I don’t care if you don’t agree with me on a topic, but I won’t tolerate intense brutality. I will shut you down.

Don’t back down…

We all have a right to be online and express ourselves, say what we think, and post what we want. I don’t have to agree with you, and you don’t have to agree with me, but respect MUST be maintained, even in criticism.

My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

Some people are actually killing themselves because of harassment they face from online bullies or attackers. But you don’t have to let it end that way. If someone is repeatedly harassing you, you don’t have to take it. I know a lot of people do solve the problem by blocking, but if your cyber bully is particularly serpentine or malicious like Melody’s sister was, you CAN take action if you have an avenue. Don’t sit back and take something like that or be afraid to have something done about it. These cowardly individuals are scum of the earth and need to be dealt with.

Keep doing your thing and DO NOT run or hide from anyone.


My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Nivinxus

    I know a guy from my old work place that almost committed suicide because of an anonymous online blackmailer, no one ever knew who was ultimately responsible.

    After reading this take, it was pretty nice to see someone getting the one-up over the cyber bullies/criminals.

    Is this still revelant?

What Girls & Guys Said

  • LittleSally

    The moral of this story is: find people in real life to hang out with... it'll save you time and stress from pointless trolls...

    • ManOnFire

      More like: some of us already hang out with folks in real life but don't always tell them everything and we get online as an outlet, and that no one should be harassing or publicizing anything about you because we have a right to speak our minds or even hearts.

      No sarcasm necessary for this.

  • meowcow

    Lesson 1: Whatever you post or say to an anonymous person online, assume that the world can read it. If you don't want your mother or employer knowing what you said, DON'T POST IT.

    Lesson 2: Never break your anonymous status. Use a VPN and hide your IP. Always.

    Lesson 3: Assume the person on the other side is NOT who they say they are. If they portray themselves as an attractive single woman, assume a fat unkept millennial male living in mommy's basement.

    Lesson 4: Given you followed Lesson 1-3, if shit hits the fan, you can always turn off your computer and nobody will know who you were.

    • ManOnFire

      Ya wanna know what's funny? It was Melody and her sister who were the overweight ones. After I saw more pictures of them I saw how big they really were. I like thick women, but they were just too thick.

  • Titanic1912
  • Schrodingerscat

    I read this take start to end and I agree.
    Online harrassment has happened with me. There was one instance where few Gagers were also involved... But I've learned to not take these things seriously and make sure to protect my identity.

    I think you are slightly safe as long as you don't overshare on internet

  • Thanks for sharing with us. I had encountered some cyber
    bullies online so i know where your coming from yes it was rough
    i hope things get better for you and I always do my homework
    before i meet or start a online friendship or relationship cause
    i want make sure i know where things stand cause you can't
    always trust people. This was very well written. Best Wishes~!!!

  • Unit1

    Freaks are weird. Freaks exist a lot.
    The internet is not a very safe place.
    Any information you give can be used against you.

    "Don’t sit back and take something like that or be afraid to have something done about it. These cowardly individuals are scum of the earth and need to be dealt with."

    I agree.
    If the scum is far away and only online, then a simple and permanent block will do it.
    If the scum is also in your proximity, document it, save evidence and report to the cops with all information available. That's is the way to do it.

    • ManOnFire

      Yep. I still have screenshots of her messages.

  • RealandGenuine27

    I had to get off of Facebook for a while because of believe it or not. my own sister. she would take screenshots of my posts... and I awkwardly met an unknown half sister on there. it was becoming too much to handle.

  • WTFliberals

    Very good take man !
    There are really messed up people in social media sites. and they always brings the worst of them.

  • 8string

    Cyber bullies? no one ever talks about CyberPussies

  • Chantel77

    Yikes that's intense

  • Anonymous

    very good take

  • Anonymous

    Gotta be honest, I don't really feel that bad for you. I see the way you speak to some people on here, especially women, and I don't think this is the full story. Cyber bullying isn't a problem only when it's not warranted, thus the bullying part. But your 'innocence' in this I guess I'm just not buying. You literally say 'hound me enough and I'll bring down the hammer' like you're some type of God or something. Please, get over yourself.

    Sorry, but I think you deserved anything that came your way. Maybe it'll put you back in your lane a bit.

    • ManOnFire

      Oh please. I know who you are too.

  • Anonymous


    Justice for A. Ames.

    SJW-Feminazi-LGBTQ's crimes.

  • Anonymous

    Without reading it here is my pro tip to never get harrassed or people that take advantage of you:

    Simply dont care about other people. In general. Someone gets rude? First message that shows he/ she/ it is rude, BLOCK! Simply do that with every account that writes you. And have a good time online.

    IRL someone gets rude/ tries to take advantage of you, call the police or sue them immediatly. If they touch you in the slightest defend yourself with full force. Dont hold back. Its either them or you.

    Other than that, stay distant to everyone and focus on yourself. Live a happy life (?).

  • Anonymous

    I was harrased online 2 more than a year ago it was really horrible it effected me bad BC at that point I was at my lowest weakest and the next thing this person took advantage of me I had just broken from my ex who cheated on me it was exams period I couldn't focus and I skipped all classes to be with my ex then we broke up I was fucked in all ways then I started using this app and talking to strangers and this guy he sounded nice he listened to me I had crazy moods he didn't mind he was a cop he showed criminals he was chasing, his guns , his healthy food and him feeding his cat it was helping me then he started asking for nudes I kept saying no but he was the only one there for me didn't want to loose him So i did . then if all changed he started calling me a cum slut then he said u r one of my bitches I was like wtf then he sent me pics of some girls with him then videos and a video of him with a girl and her mom and after he only wanted nudes when I say no he says I got girls here u can't even help u r no good. it was all stressing with exams I told him I'm not sending u anything u tricked me so he threatened to send my pics to his friends I sent him some but everyday was another position I got tired then he send them to his friends. everyday I got some horny pple talking about the pics it was sick eventually he found my fb and threatened to send them to my family and friends I was soo scared I cried for long days I fucked my exams and I deleted kik with the fear that he might send them after I was healed I tried to go on kik again but I forgot the password and what hurts the most is that the last thing I did was beg him not to send I begged him for days I just wanted to scream and yell and kill him but I begged