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Strangers block you because you harass them on the internet? Cope.

Judgmental people who swipe left are big time savers.
Judgmental people who swipe left are big time savers.


I was going to ask this as a question, but decided to turn it into a MyTake because when thinking about it I just answered my own question. So here I'm sharing my knowledge with you.

It's one thing if someone in a position of power (like a moderator or a sysop) blocks you, or if it was a long-time friend who suddenly goes from peace-loving hippie to someone who decided to oppose the Blue Wall of Silence by supporting looting of small businesses or homes of the minorities they pretend to care about. However, if you harass someone and they block you because they aren't interested in your annoying behavior, then they have no obligation to give you their attention.

I've seen some people on this website obsess about people who #block them, as if they are entitled to their attention. In the instance of people who troll or harass people online; if someone blocks you, STFU and cope with it. If you exist only to anger people and you operate on this website, you are why most people leave this website.

And no, I am not talking about blocking people when it comes to political discussions or political arguments when they are practiced in good faith. In other words, if I'm conversing with someone who is expressing their heartfelt opinions or are telling me what they believe is the God-honest truth, I won't block them even if I feel offended by something they say. At work I've had to put up with annoying co-workers with extreme #politics (on both sides of the political spectrum) and learned to convince them learn not to argue with me by keeping track of what they say and call them out (or threaten to record them) if I catch them lying.

But on the internet and on websites like this if I have this block feature at my disposal, I'll use it. How dare I block you for saying things that were only to anger me? I don't owe you attention, and if I see you post things that had no purpose other than to make me angry, I'll block you. I don't let people respond to things I post because I don't want harassers sniping at me, cowering behind anonymity.

I don't understand why some Trump voters complained when leftists swiped left on them on Tinder (Hah! Swipe "left"! GEDDIT?). VICE tried spinning the situation as if it's exclusively conservative men getting turned down by liberal women, even though I've seen cases where conservative women complained about being turned down by liberal men. (G@G won't allow me to post links to prove my point until I reach XPlvl3)

I wrote this article to vent and to hopefully enlighten some people in the process. I guess it's different if you have a physical attraction to such a person because your body won't give you peace of mind. Otherwise, if you're incessantly obsessing over strangers on the internet blocking you for intentionally getting under their skin (or ignoring you if you are posting anonymously), you have no life.

Strangers block you because you harass them on the internet? Cope.
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  • Hazelstar99
    I block gag members who ask me inappropriate questions or send me inappropriate images.
    Is this still revelant?

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  • kespethdude
    A-fucking-men. This is why people use the block button, not to censor but to get rid of TOS violating trash.
  • SavageGirl101
    I don’t block people anymore cause it takes to much energy I just stop texting them and I look at their texts loving that their trying to get my attention while being confused and mad because I’m not texting back ❤️
  • OfDeath
    I have nobody on my block list here on g@g. Why? Because nobody harasses me to the point it is needed. However, I also don't harass people unless you count giving opinions they don't like as harassing, in which case I don't see that as a legitimate reason to block someone because they have asked a question after all so they should be ready for answers they don't like.
    There are also reasons for blocking which are just pure cowardice. Reasons like blocking someone to get the last word or because you can't handle criticism or even just because you disagree with an opinion of theirs you saw which you didn't even engage with. I call this impulse blocking and there are certain users who are notorious impulse blockers. They detract from civilised community.