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Why are we always living in fear?

I've always been told by someone else, "You don't know who you're talking to online. They could be anyone." so can someone in RL. One woman thought she had married the man of her dreams. They had kids, a nice home... turned out he was a murderer. He killed her and the kids then shacked up with his fancy woman.

Long as you have common sense and meet up in public, how can anything go wrong? unless they've got balls of steel and shoot/stab you in broad daylight..... O_O

Why are we always living in fear?

The point is... you just never know. You can't even trust your friends 100% because one girl got spiked and raped by hers. She had known them for years also.

The world we live in is f'd up. You just got to take chances to be happy and that's that. Can't live in fear all our lives can we? that ain't living.

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Why are we always living in fear?
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  • I've been in an online relationship for more than a year now, and due to various reasons we cannot meet in person yet, but we video chat every day and are working towards a future together, they've gotten me over my muscle tension dysphonia and several other big problems, I help them, they help me, we work together, I am in a bad situation with my family where I cannot earn any money by myself, I work on the financial side and upkeep of their website for their job and get a small allowance to take care of myself, we're gonna meet once, stay together and have children, we have full trust in eachother, I can barely explain the extent to how much, just all I wanted to say is it can work out very well

    • I don't mean any disrespect, but aren't you a bit young to start thinking about serious relationships and kids? Kids are a lot of work, and a lot of money. What happened to youngsters enjoying life?

    • Nah... I think some things that happened before made me have to think of the future more :/... also I think most girls think about having kids once, it's part of our nature

    • Well... I guess I also just like being serious much more than other things... it's nice to me... I don't know what else I can do... go to stupid parties? Have irresponsible sex? Go clubbing? I don't know, not the type of things I like

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  • Bigfappa

    i never understood that either, like... everyone is so afraid of giving their address out online, but the street outside ur house... 1000 people walk past ur hhouse everyday and ur address is public.. but that doesn't mean u always get people coming into rape or kill u does it?
    what difference what putting ur address online make?
    highly unlikely that person is a sick fuck, just as likely to meet that same fuck in ur rreal life neighbourhood

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  • SkipStop

    Living in fear and being cautious is different. There are definitely many dangers in the world. It doesn't mean you need to live in your basement with ten locks on the door. But you do need common sense to watch out for things that can be turned against you. That does not mean you fear being in public or alone at night.

  • btbc92

    There is a difference between living in fear and being stupid. And that way of thinking is naive thinking. It's better to be cautious and alert than to be a easy target. People needs to use discernment and that is what I do. If I sense something is not psychologically right about a person, I cut them off no matter how long I knew them.

  • NoPoliticsPleeease

    This is just fear mongering yea it happens but the same thing can happen on the street some mentally ill person gets something crazy in their head and attacks someone it doesn't mean that because someone is from online they are going to do that

  • Because fear is one of the base emotions you need to be considered a human being, unless of course you are a psychopath or sociopath

    • Neither sociopaths not psychopaths are immune to fear, they are not emotionless

    • I know they aren't emotionless they just can't interpret it the way people who don't have the conditions do, and so "fear" isn't an emotion I assume they could describe

    • They do interpret fear the same, at least fear in the most basic sense, the people grouped as sociopath/psychopath just have different further emotional responses to such things, they fear, but usually in a calculative way which people usually mistake for not being bothered or having no emotion, being calculative, indifferent or cold are emotions too

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  • i1T2daty

    Fear is the result of 2 things, 1) Craving, I. e. feeling that you must have something, someone, some lifestyle that you’re anxious about getting Or
    2) Aversion, the belief that losing something, someone, some lifestyle that you feel losing will cause unhappiness.

    Non-judgemental detachment is the only way to avoid it. This is the basis of Buddhist mind training, it is not just my own opinion. Of course cultivating that attitude requires a great deal of work. In my better moments, I can see the truth in that, not often, but more since starting Vipassana meditation


    l agree with you would you like to talk with me you can more than trust me l am from Scotland

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take.