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To whoever was bullied, watch this!

Remember these things, you matter, there will always be people to love you, you will always be good at something, you deserve happiness, your pain will ease, things will get better, when people bully you, the problem is not you, it's inside of their head. You have the power inside of yourself to change things, I believe in you. If you need help or you need to talk, feel free to message me, I will do my best to help you because I am one of you, I got through this too.

To whoever was bullied, watch this!
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  • JakeReeves

    I was bullied through my whole life in high-school by 35% of my class students, i mean 35% of 65 student, because i was the top of my class and i was and still a nerd and they couldn't compete me, so they tried to destroy me from the inside. I really hated those days and wanted to kill these bullies, but i am actually a good person and i help people, so i couldn't hurt them. They punched me, kicked me, destroyed my belongings. Every time i played basketball with my friends in the recess at high-achool, they stole my basketball and use it as a football, and i tried and tried to get it back with my friends, then when i finally managed to get the ball back, it would be the time when they destroyed it and stopped playing with it. They destroyed three of my own basketballs that way.
    The principal was useless, so he didn't help me to solve my problems and i couldn't solve it myself. So day after day, i got bullied and hurt, but i continued to study and do my best, because that was the only thing i could do to tease them. Finally, i finished my high-school and was the top of my class in the 10th and the 11st grades, and i got 98.125% on the 12th grade, but wasn't the best one in the class, and 89.53% in the medical acceptance exam in the college and i am now studying medecine on my 2nd year, and i have a better rank than them, because some failed in their university acceptance exam and got to a worse university, and some of them got some bad marks, so they couldn't reach what i am in the university. SO WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, BULLIES?

    Sometimes, i see these bullies around in the university and greet them, as that thing that made them bully me at school stopped, so they don't hate me anymore, they now have (+2/10) on my friendship scale but they were (-100/10) back in high-school.

    Just be yourself and don't care about bullies, because you are the one who will win in the end.
    Study hard, and be a good person, and everybody will realise who is better.

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    • Kudos to you my sir, you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

    • I am just a normal person, nothing more than this, and nothing less than this.

    • But thank you!

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  • KillerFreddie
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  • englisc

    I hate this stuff. I don't think it helps at all. It's too filled with negative emotion and self-pity, and this is what encourages this softness in young people that leads to bullying affecting them in such a negative way in my opinion. This is the reason young people need to ban words and need safe spaces and all of that stuff, because they take words too seriously. This is encouraging them to allow words to hurt them. "Words hurt, life will always be a balancing act that has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty" - what the fuck does that even mean? How does that help at all?

    I was a short kid, still am. I was quiet. I moved schools quite a bit, and I was never the popular kid. I also had goofy teeth. And I was kind of a nerd. Of course I was seen as an easy target for bullies. But I was never really bullied although some people tried. You can only get bullied if you allow people to intimidate you and push you around.

    My Dad pretty much taught me the "sticks and stones" stuff, and that if things got physical just to fight back. And that's all I did. People could call me something and I'd either ignore it or I've give them some shit back, then if it went further I'd smack them in the mouth, and that would be it. I never came home crying about any of this, I didn't give a shit.

    Maybe you'll say "well others can't do that" - but like I said I was a short kid, quiet, not popular, kind of a nerd - they were always bigger, more popular, more socially confident than I was. It's all about your mentality and what you're taught as a kid. Whether you're taught to stand up for yourself, not take idiots seriously, not to be intimidated - or whether you're taught to be afraid which is what I think this video is encouraging, as is most anti-bullying stuff these days.

    • I think you missed the point of this video. I think it's more about compassion, showing people that they are not alone and it's okay to feel hurt after all of that. What you are doing though is shaming these people for the pain they feel which not only does not help, but also make things even worse. And no, this is not the kind of people who create things like safe spaces and ban words, don't mistake bully victims for attention whores, most are the opposite of that.

    • englisc

      It is what causes it, because this is what gives people the victim mentality. Kids with this mentality are the ones who are the most likely to be victimised and to be traumatised by it.

      I'm not missing the point. The reason I have no trauma from this is because I was taught from an early age not to let words hurt me and to defend myself physically, despite being the smallest guy in my year group. That's how my Dad prevented me from being bullied. The opposite of what's being taught here.

    • I deeply disagree with you on that. I was bullied from age 2 to 17 yet I hate all of these safe space and victim mentality things that is used politically. Correlation does not imply causation. And it's not that easy to "not let words hurt you", not everyone can do that, especially if they were not taught how to do so.

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  • Lynx122

    I was bullied from 12 to 14 and last week my psychiatrist told me: "You're an injured child and you expect nothing good from people."I don't think it's quite that bad though. I think a lot of my problems come from not understanding people and social interactions very well. So I just started reading books about this. If I can understand better what's going on I will be a lot more relaxed and know what to do.

  • UI_Vegeta01

    I will cut the neck of someone who even thinks of bullying me

    • Use your ultra instinct power and help everyone who is bullied in this world. 🤩💪🏻

    • Help me using your theory of relativity as well

    • OK, i will travel back in time to kill every bully when they were children.

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  • namelessyoungold

    This doesn't change shit, thank you.

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