My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!


I could never see myself bullied especially by the people who bullied me. I was bullied for several months in my high school by the people I considered to be brothers (lol). Guess we just don't see somethings coming.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!


It was the last year of my middle school when I started getting along with the bullies. Initial meeting with one of them wasn't so cool but I chose to hold my grounds and low key revolted to the slightest bullying I faced.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

One of them really liked my stubbornness and wanted to befriend me. Time passed so soon and I came really close to them and started having a control over the clique and did my best to not let them bully others. A few months in the group and I could see them dissing each other. Some of them had started backstabbing others and said negative and mean things about each other to me.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

It was me who kept them together, didn't tell them about what they were saying about each other and sorted them out (I wish I hadn't). The most toxic one of them had dissed me once but a small physical fight took place and he had started keeping his mouth shut.

The rest was going all good and one day I returned to the school after my chicken pox was done with. I got into a fight with their friend (a bully I wasn't friends with). I had a high fever that day but my ego was too big to make me give up lol. He pushed me in a wall and he was about 5 inches taller than me. I somehow managed to pull him down and thrash him. My stubbornness had made my eye swollen but I was satisfied that I made him cry bad. This fight having taken place in front of my 'friends' proved out to be a really important incident afterwards.

How the bullying got started

Rumours spread that I have been dissing every one of them (wth!?). Proved out that the most toxic one couldn't say something on my face and had started filling others up against me. What he said against about others to me now became the things I said to him against all of them.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

I thought they would enquire me about it at least but they chose to keep it a secret and blindly believed what he said.. *eyeroll*.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

I was like 'Really?' he's saying that on my back and all of yous just believe what he says. I didn't think of explaining myself to them earlier as I thought they had some brains to figure out that he has been talking behind my back for a reason and only saying these things to them now because him and I aren't on good terms recently. Yeah well, people can be really that stupid.. how stupid of me to not see that coming.

It was after a while when I thought about it that for some of them, him being against me was a good start for them to start a fight (prior incidents of their jealousy and hate that I didn't pay much attention to).

The bullying

It hurt me a lot (oh come on it was my first time, spare me 😂) but I decided to distance myself from them. They came up with accusations against me that they're leaving me for being a rat and they don't wanna talk to me.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

After a while they had started with their bullying. They used to call me by hilarious yet mean/hurtful names and chased me everywhere I went. The transition from being the centre of the clique to being an absolute loner, I admit, wasn't so good for once. It all happened in like 5 days or less. The bullying got severe and severe and I could hear them say to each other, 'You hit him first, we will join.'

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

I ignored it all for a long time just for old time's sake but they didn't mend their ways. I started looking at them directly with the glare and they had started keeping their mouth shut. It was smooth going for a while until suddenly one day, the one who is closest to me comes up to me and asks for a fistfight. It really broke me to hear him say that and I refused to fight and I was labelled a coward since then and they made fun of me for a few more months. I kept quiet and went through the days.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

No more bullying

After several months of going through this suffering and drama, I started to work upon getting back to reality and I didn't feel the same for them anymore. I wanted to put an end to all this so this time, I went right into their group asking that hulk to fight me now. They were all surprised and fixed a fight in the parking area of the school. It was decided that it will be a one-on-one fight but when I got there, almost every bully from every grade was there and I was being laughed at. Even the ones who didn't know me in person were there to create a show. I realized that it isn't gonna be a mano a mano and I'm gonna be hospitalized in no time. But I swore to myself to make everyone of them have at least a bad one from me and regret their decision of coming here (early teen hormones 😂). My adrenaline never rushed so furiously. I asked them 'Who is it gonna be?' and they pushed him in the middle. I grabbed his collar to start the fight but guess what? The dude was as shy as a newly wed bride.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

I asked him about what was stopping him and he replied 'I can't hit you, I have always considered you my best friend but the betrayal you gave to us, I don't think hitting you will solve that.'

He spoilt all my mood.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

I had to take two minutes to laugh and get myself together before having that anger back and charging at him again. He still didn't talk to me.. sad.. how unworthy I was.

I then looked at others and the ones who were saying that they will snap me like a twig were the ones who were ignoring me hard. I stared at everyone with challenging eyes but no one.. litreally no one stepped up. I then told them that I won't stop myself from hitting if I happen to hear anything mean directed towards me and one of them agreed on behalf of all.

Lasting effects

The impact lasted for quite an impressive time. I realized it when after a year, one of them pushed the one I had fought earlier on me and I blew my elbow in his stomach. He asked me if I wanted to start again and I replied saying 'sure'. He then pointed at the one who pushed him towards me and he was laughing hard there. I grabbed his collar, placed him against a wall and gave him a blow on his stomach. His friends were there... watching. None of them made a move while their friend was looking at them with such a hope.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

He kept saying and saying things until I aimed my punch at him and the moment I was about to hit him, around 8 guys nearby stopped me 😕. He ran off to his classroom and my friend told me that they were all looking for me. I went straight into their classroom and all his friends swaggered out of the room leaving him behind. He then started with his crap saying 'You are my brother from another mother, how can you fight with me like that?'!? dude, at least have some self respect and know how to treat your enemy.

That really disgusted me.

The ending

Though we didn't end on good terms (lol of course not), we never looked at each other again. One of them begged me for forgiveness for around 1.5 years saying sorry again and again with cry baby emojis 😂. How nice of me to forgive him 😇 and if you must know, he was the one who challenged me for the fight. I still keep my limits though.

Conclusing thoughts

1. Your friends are eventually gonna leave you if they don't like you whatever their reason maybe. If you fail to find a reason, be sure that it is their jealously, hate or envy behind their actions just give it a thought.

2. No one is coming for help. You might think that your friends would help you.. if they do, you're a lucky one. When you have no one with you and the enemies are your ex friends who are bullies and everyone fears them, you gotta rely on your own.

3. Ignoring doesn't help. Thanks to the internet for letting bullies know that their victims try to ignore them so that they discontinue doing that. Ignoring them will only give them more power over you.

4. Fight on your own. You can only rely on yourself when it comes to defending you. Don't want no relying on some other person and celebrating the glory with them. It really feels good to fight it out on your own.

5. Don't be scared to make a move. That doesn't mean you won't get hurt. Prepare yourself for anything that may come. You want to put an end to this, be determined.

If you aren't up for taking the hurt, embrace getting bullied.

6. Be determined to hurt. If they are given a chance, they won't stop themselves from hurting you when it comes to blows.. just saying.

7. Bullies can be the real cowards. Pretty much explained in my story above.

Don't let that comfort you too soon though. They will still make you feel like a coward unless you try and succeed in winning against them.

My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!

That's all peeps.

Thank you for reading it.

Special thanks to my mother for keeping my mind in place ❤️.

Hope you enjoyed it.


My experience with bullies and how I dealt with them!
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  • Ronald_25
    I feel like I was the Robin hood of bullies.

    I peaked early in secondary school with my broad shoulders, and wrestler build thanks to by dad's genes.

    There were nerds and the "bullied" at the bottom, the asshole bullies in the middle that have nothing better to do, then me at the top with my crew of heavy hitters. I was cool with all the bullies but, for example, if a nerd in my science class (yes I was a nerd too) was getting excessively bullied, they'd come to me and I'd have a word with the corresponding bully. Very rarely, they would not take it well, I'd kick their ass and end up in detention. Balance would thereafter be restored as the bullies friends dare not make enemies with me or my crew. I had out bullied the bullies.

    I was told later that I was the keeper of the balance at my school. And my position wasn't fragile as people didn't hate me or fear me too much, they loved my and more importantly, they loved my ideals. I did not want to be the toughest kid in school nor demanded any respect. I wanted order, for people to get along with each other and enjoy their time there.

    I guess I've always supported the underdog and get defensive when they get bullied. Apparently this power, respect and love is a huge turn on for girls 😏
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    • Ones gifted with good genes always have their own perks. Not going to lie, I had that 'pretty boy' face and the no one could see the damage I could do unless I got to prove it. But being a tough pretty boy who likes his authority in place makes you have haters apparently.

      Good for you that you had other heavy hitters by your side, that is really useful to keep people in their places.

      When you're alone, your first priority is to make balance in your life while every other bully is trying to mess you up. When I was the centre of the clique, I made sure that my fellow bullies don't bully others.

      Admittedly, I wanted to be the toughest one but only against the ones who were trying to put me down.

      After I was done with them, I went to being alone and have my territory of my own around me. No one thought about messing with me then and I was all mysterious.

      And yeah, I agree with what you said when it comes to girls, they do love powerful and authoritative guys. I just didn't care to go out of my way to support others but I still enjoyed the unlimited attention.

    • Ronald_25

      Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as "If you want peace, prepare for war"

      I never wanted to bully anyone, I just wanted peace but a sword is not straightened with kind words, its straightened with a hammer.

      And with girls this is what I've found. On the most part, they don't want a pussy, they already have on of those. With their man, they want to feel safe, loved and know her man is loved by others.

    • Ronald_25

      Thanks for the MHO. And for the record, people have called me a pretty boy too, and my personality landed me in MFF polyamory (see profile pic) women tend to gravitate towards confidence, charm and a cheeky/devious demeanor I've found in my experience.

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  • Nikkiyogi79
    I put ton of horseradish in my food when this one girl was picking on me she steel my food.
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  • MinaSuzy97
    that's just sad I was bullied as a kid bcz I looked japanese but it wasn't serious just jokes and comments however, I saw many people being seriouly bullied and it really made me hate myself that time bcz i couldn't do anything about it I was so weak myself. I am glad you could get out of it safe & sound
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  • WhiteMageDende
    I was bullied in middle school for being a nerd. I was on my way to the youth center and three kids came up trying to jump me the first one jumped on my back so i flipped him the second one put me in a headlock so i bit him. The 3rd kid looked freaked out so i ran to the youth center and called my mom. They came in apologized and wanted to know how i did what i did. Good thing to have military family who can teach you how to defend yourself
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  • MonkeyWarrior
    Bring a close proximity taser, it is literally legal to carry that around in a school if it gets violent, as it's nothing more than a pinch, just producing the sound would make them stay away...
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    • But you'd get jail time if you being an actual taser that can shot out with range, plus they can be lethal. Close proximity isn't near lethal, it pinches you while making a shocking noise to scare bullies away

  • UnderHisEye
    The best way to deal with a bully is physical violence when no witnesses are present.
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    • rjroy3

      Or witnesses so he has the physical and emotional pain to deal with.

  • anon1903
    in the middle school I use to be an emo gal chasing bad company. Looking back makes me feel it was...
    . totally not worth it
    • You wouldn't know it wasn't worth it if you hadn't chased it.

  • xKatAttackx
    Out of Elementary, Middle, and High school. Middle school was the worst.
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  • mermaidia_lol
    That was a really touching story.
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