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Make everyone happier: Give compliments!

It seems so simple, if someone is looking good or doing something great, you tell them you like it. You compliment them.

But if it's so simple, why are so many people so surprised when they get a compliment? Is it such a big effort to tell someone you like what they're wearing, what they made or how they look?

A little while ago I noticed that I almost never really told anyone what I like about them. I noticed those things, I appreciated them, thought about them, but I didn't say those things out loud. I was like: 'Oh, I don't need to say it, they probably already know'.

Now I know I was wrong. I decided to think out loud more often, to compliment people more often and I found out how much compliments actually mean to people. I found out that I'm not only bringing joy to others by complimenting them, but also to myself. I found out that people will love you so much more when you tell them what you like about them and I found out that you can really make someones day a bit brighter by complimenting them(even if you don't know them at all).

These things seem so obvious, but I only realised them when I actually started to express my positive thoughts to others. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like if we would give more compliments, we could make the world a bit better!

So, next time you see someone wearing something nice, or when you are just really happy to see someone, don't just think it, say it out loud. It'll make the both of you happier!😊

Say it, just say it!
Say it, just say it!
Make everyone happier: Give compliments!
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  • tartaarsaus
    This was a sweet mytake

    And yes, it is great for you and others to compliment them! They love it too! 🥰
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Yeah, I'll give compliments because the recipient deserves it.
  • October808
    You're a gentleman and a scholar.