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Myths And Reality About Being A "YouTuber"

Right, before you go and say:

"Ahahahahaha wtf? How can you give us info on being a YouTuber when you've never been one?"

Well, though I was not famous- I have done a little bit of YouTubing in my past- and I'm not talking about the time I was like 8 and I made the frog show with the rubber I won at school.

So when I was 12, I setup a YouTube channel again, the videos not of me. Instead I did YouTube Poops of YTPs of Peppa pig and Frozen😂😂Again don't judge I was 12, and was excited because I got Windows Movie Maker😂

And I know I wasn't famously known or anything- but, I did gain a little experience and actually- debunked a few myths about YouTubing myself, with experience.

So without further ado, let's get myth busting! (Wasn't myth busters a show or something lol?)

Myth #1 - "There is no work in YouTubing. You just make videos."

I know hes taking a pic, but lets just pretend hes making a vid😂
I know he's taking a pic, but let's just pretend he's making a vid😂

Pffftt!! Just videos? Yeah, right.

It's a lot more than 'just videos'.

Because you have to think the video up, and then you have to actually edit it- which can take a long time, and you have to rewatch the same parts over, and over, and over, again and even though you're sick of them you have to continue doing it- which becomes SO annoying.

Then you have to render the videos (which took ages for me) then upload (which with my upload speed- also took ages) then you have to like post it on all your social medias... Because promotion, and it's a lot more than just getting a camera and filming or sharing a video.

So yes, a lot of work goes into it- and it isn't lazy.

Myth #2 "If your video has a lot of views- you get paid."

Spidey got the cash... Unlike me😂
Spidey got the cash... Unlike me😂

So quite a few of my videos had a lot of views, so my friends assumed I earned good money and asked me how much I earned from YouTubing. It'd be like:

Friend: "Oh my god Spidey! Do you know your video has XK views!"

Me: "Yeah, I know."

Friend: "Are you monitized? You NEED to monitize!"

Me: "Yeah, I am."

Friend: "So how much do you earn?"

Me: *takes a deep breath* "So this might surprise you..."

Friend: "Yeah?"

Me: "It'll really surprise you..."

Friend: "Yeah?"

Me: "I'm gonna let you brace yourself so you can take it in when I tell you the figure"

Friend: "Okay..."

Me: "You're gonna be so sur-"

Friend: "SpIdEy JuSt TeLl Me!"

Me: "So this is crazy... The crazy amount of money I earn... Is... Sorry I just need to take it in myself..." *takes deep breath* "I earn... The whopping figure of... £0!"

Friend: "Wut?" *lowkey shooketh*

Yeah the truth is, even if you have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views... That doesn't mean you'll earn a lot. Firstly, at the time I didn't know this- but some of my videos contain copyrighted content- I mean they haven't been taken down, and I guess it's fine as long as I'm not earning off of them.

And I had this video with over 250K views, it got taken down because it had copyrighted content- I got an email the other day saying it was "blocked in all countries" due to a copyright claim- lowkey annoyed because of the number of views, but... I can't really argue with them.

And a couple of years ago, they were monitized but I couldn't withdraw my earnings because I had to reach a certain target ads viewed on my channel, in order to earn a certain amount to withdraw my earnings- and even then my earnings would have been roughly £30.

All that work just for £30? Nah, I chose to focus on school😂

And now my channel isn't even monitized, because I have to reach a target of 1000 subscribers, and 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months...

And I gave up uploading on that channel 2 years ago, because schoolwork got heavy, and I just grew out of the whole "YTP" thing. So I'm not up for reviving that channel again.

Myth #3 - "YouTubing Is getting a camera and making a video"

Again, hes taking a pic- but lets pretend its a vid😂
Again, he's taking a pic- but let's pretend it's a vid😂

When I told my friends I had a YouTube channel- they were instantly like:

"What camera do you use?"

"I didn't know you made videos of yourself!!"

And I was like:

"Yeah guys, I do neither of those things."

Like I said I just made videos called YTPs, which are basically like spoof videos, they're kinda stupid but as a 12-year-old- it was top notch comedy😂

And my friends found them hilarious too😂

Now I just look at them like... "Wtf was wrong with me?"😂

But the plus side is, it's not actually ME in any of those videos, and it's not my actual name- another alias so if kids at college found them they wouldn't be like:

"Hahahaha wtf? It's Spidey!! Look at the state of her back then!! Oh my god!!"

They wouldn't know they were my videos, and even if they did- I'd just shrug it off be like: "Ehh, I was 12- what did you upload to social media when you were 12?"

And then they'd probably be like "oh shit" because the answer is probably some cringey selfie where they're trying to look attractive but they're 12 so I don't really need to say anything else... How do I know that? Because that's what so many did.

Myth #4 - "You're famous!!"

If you know, you know😂
If you know, you know😂

So some kids assumed I was "famous" because just because I had a YouTube channel.

At the time, I had like 300 subscribers or something- so no, I was not famous😂

And now... I have 300,000. So yeah I'm lowkey famous...

Just kidding, I have something over 900- I know it's over 900 and below 1000😂

So yeah- I'm not famous guys😂

(Unlike poor Peter- y'know what I'm saying? Saying that, that's not the good kinda famous... But then again, given my content if I was famous for it... I wouldn't be the good kinda famous either😂)

Any last words?

Spidey oop😂
Spidey oop😂

So I hope you enjoyed this MyTake, and hopefully, you got another laugh out of it and if not well I'm sorry for being so dry, and thanks for reading anyways😂

Whether I'd setup another YouTube channel again, considering I don't wanna return to that one... Meh, I don't know, maybe- who knows?😂

Anyways, nuff said and...

Thank you for reading :) <3

Myths And Reality About Being A "YouTuber"
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  • Pedrodad
    Thanks for sharing... I watch YouTube all the time instead of cable.. that way I can choose if I want to watch a repeat or not... Maybe from learning from your experiences with YouTube it could be a stepping stone for bigger and better things or local community tv and radio stations for more experience? good luck!
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  • I’ve made a few thousand from youtube before they censored everything and demonetized everything, I had 18k subs and dropped down to 16.5k subs, and my other channel has 2.7k subs, several videos went viral, but got flagged later on for bs reasons.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    At least, you didn't fail to entertain me with your myTake. Thanks for sharing.
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  • KaraAyna
    Good take
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  • Lemia
    Youtuber is a loose term these days because anyone uploads more then 2 videos is classed as one, most top youtubers are content creators.
  • deadman69
    Well hope you had fun at least. Even if it didn't pay off. Great job on 900 subs tho😂 I'm totally not gonna look it up...(i am)
  • I love the convos! This was a lot of fun and that Peter Parker is dreamy... He's taken right :)
  • are you filling the libraries with your content?
  • Hey you got a youtube channel? Cool 😁