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A TODDLER'S View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

I'm sure we're all a bit bored currently, so I thought to tell you an entertaining story:

Cookie was about 3 or 4 years old when she remembers sitting in her room, wondering how babies came about.

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

Cookie's parents have always been pretty...we'll say prudent, and never told her much. At that age, all Cookie knew is that babies come about once a man and a woman were married, and that God created babies.

So, this is what Cookie figured was the most logical thing that could happen for a baby to be made:

The couple gets married.

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

They decide when they want to have a kid, and the wife would go outside and yell, "God! I want to have a baby!"

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

She would then open her mouth, and a capsule that was dropped from heaven went into her mouth.

She swallows it; the baby grows in her stomach.

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

Once the baby was ready to come out, the baby would come out of her butt, naturally, because, um...where else would it fit out of?

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

The baby came out wearing clothes, of course. It's a sin to be naked, ever. So they must be wearing nice clothes for their first day in the world.

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

So, that's that.

And when Cookie did find out how babies were made many years later....Cookie was surprised.

A TODDLERS View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie


A TODDLER'S View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Oh my thanks so much for sharing that MyTake , that was so interesting and uplifting much better than answering all these Corona Virus questions , there must be a dozen of them a day on here , so tired of seeing Corona Virus , not much we can do is just stay in say our prayers and eat our vitamins. :-D :-P :-)
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    This is so cute & amusing. Your sweet li'l 'Cookie' should tell us more stories.
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  • nopedydoo
    when i was younger this is what my parents told me:
    they went to a garden and found me inside of a thing of lettuce and found my brother inside of a carrot.
    not sure why or how i believed that considering i knew people carried babies in their stomach
  • allenwants2
    When I was about 5 I was standing on the driver's seat of my dad old panel truck pretending to drive and this very thought came tomy mind darn I darn God is so smart he know when people get married and know to send a baby to em and I just left all the other details to God I'm 61 now I remember it like it were yesterday. Thank you
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Is that cookie became a banana cookie now wow its a funny story pills from gods thay make you pregnent would have saved lot of energy😂
  • Jamie05rhs
    LOL! Opening your mouth and swallowing is how you PREVENT pregnancy.
  • Nickel_Slam
    Yes. Toddlers are not that intelligent as compared to adults.
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    I really enjoyed your story
    This is an awesome story cookie. 😂
  • doeadeer123
    so wholesome
  • JoyGirl
    Cute... lol
  • james2018dean
    Odd, but cute.
  • Kelly6
    Lol funny
    this is why sex Ed is parents job
  • OceanMelon
    This is cute and amusing.