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Thank You To The Workers👏🏾❤️🌈

The workers <3
The workers <3

Thank you to the NHS staff and volunteers in my country, fighting this pandemic to protect us all, like soldiers would fight in a war even though in a war soldiers have all the equipment they need but our NHS staff are fighting and dying (😟) without all the PPE they need.

Thank you to medical staff around the world fighting this pandemic for their countries, even though many of those medical staff will also be lacking PPE.

Thank you to the teachers, some looking after the children of essential workers and others still managing to teach their students via online classes.

Thank you to all the public transport drivers, getting essential workers who have no option but to use public transport from A to B.

Thank you to the cleaners cleaning public buildings.

Thank you to the bin men/women still taking our rubbish so we can live in clean homes.

Thank you to social workers ensuring children are safe during lockdown.

Thank you to specialist educational professionals ensuring children with learning disabilities can still try their best to learn.

Thank you to social care workers looking after our elderly and our severely disabled during this pandemic.

Thank you to our charity workers still providing charity to those who need it the most during this pandemic.

Thank you to our police who are trying their best to get people to follow social distancing measures, without violence.

Thank you to the truck drivers still delivering our essential items.

Thank you to delivery drivers still delivering whatever it is we may order online.

Thank you to our fire service staff still working just in case we need them during this pandemic.

Thank you to our production workers who are ensuring whatever we need goes through production.

Thank you to local authority staff and volunteers supporting vulnerable children and adults, the homeless, and victims of domestic abuse during this pandemic.

Thank you to our legal staff ensuring that even some justice is still served during this pandemic.

Thank you to our funeral service workers arranging funerals for those sadly lost during this pandemic.

To Sum It All Up...

Thank you to all of our workers during this pandemic.

Please if you think of anymore workers which I haven't listed here, then please mention them in the comments- I can't list literally everybody but know I thank all the workers who are out their working helping to keep all of our countries going, during this pandemic.


It shouldn't take a pandemic for us to realise the importance of our workers. One good thing I that has come out of this pandemic is that people are opening their eyes and realising how important our workers are which is also kind of sad because... It's just sad it takes a pandemic for some people to realise the importance of our workers.

Our NHS staff and medical workers always do their best to look after people pandemic or not.

Our teachers are always teaching the next generation and looking after children pandemic or not.

Our public transport drivers are always taking us and essential workers from A to B pandemic or not.

All our workers do their jobs pandemic or not.

So why is it we only appreciate them properly when something drastic like a pandemic happens?

We shouldn't just clap for our workers during a pandemic, we should clap for our workers all the time and I don't mean literally clap but we should always be supportive of our workers and when they strike let's not swear at them for striking- like some do, let's ask them why they're striking because most of the time workers strike for a legit reason and we should support them, but don't so their voices fizzle out.

Let's all stand together and support our workers not just now, but from now on, always.


I hope you enjoyed this MyTake and thank you for reading :) <3

Also just because you wanted to be tagged in my MyTake about workers: @AndrewMG

Thank You To The Workers👏🏾❤️🌈
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  • Dongtai
    The food places that are still letting people order take out and online orders. Bro.

    I really really REALLY appreciate the people who come in to buy food. I still have a job and I’m very thankful. But it gets really overwhelming trying to make 10 online orders while helping 5 people in line AND dealing with rude customers complaining about stupid stuff like sauce and bread.

    People. If you’re going to order food BE NICE. Especially during this time. Leave all of your problems outside of the store. We are all going through this. Don’t bring negative energy into a place that’s already under stress. Don’t be “that” customer.”

    Be considerate. If you see us overwhelmed with orders and the line is backed up, don’t be the guy who orders 5 meals with 5 specifications. Make your meals simple. Be considerate. You’re not the only person being served.

    And hey you don’t have to eat out every night. Cook at home. Please 😂. If you see that there’s dozens of people in line AND dozens of online orders waiting to be picked up, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you ate at home or went somewhere else. And if you decide to eat there, BE NICE AND CONSIDERATE. Don’t be a dick to the people risking their health to make ends meet.
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  • PeterAyre
    Cannot imagine living without the NHS at the minute. Save our NHS people! Thank you to poster and NHS!
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  • MackToday
    I drove a garbage truck. I was just a kid at the time, to me it was just something fun. I grew to like hauling garbage the maggoty-er the better. It wasn't a big diesel garbage truck with forks and all that it was a small county one , just a stake truck. I used to scrounge white paint for the wooden steaks and scrub the bed of that truck, wash it , clean the windows. Clean the dash and hose out the cab, the floor mats etc. I would grease every fitting on that thing, crawl under it. It was a big tonka toy to me, I loved running around in that thing, stopping to get a whole quart of cold orange juice at the convenience store. But, looking back and knowing what I do now about third world countries with open sewers and piles of trash and rats every where. I was actually keeping the public safe from some pretty awful things like typhoid , cholera, black plague and so on. The garbage I hauled away is dangerous stuff with really nasty consequences if you just ignore it. So hat's off to my fellow garbage truck drivers, janitors , street sweeper operators and anyone that uses a pressure washer, a broom a shovel to get rid of the filth that makes people sick.
    • Indeed. People under value these kinds of workers so much in our society but without them we would realise how much we need them.

  • AndrewMG
    Beautiful Take Mate!, On a political level we have to make sure after we come through this crisis we don't let these people down. In 1945 we had Aneurin Bevan, not 100 % sure his equivalent is available, but lets turn clapping on a Thursday night into an actual political movement once the future looks brighter.
    • I completely agree, I was going to mention something similar to what you say this MyTake but then I thought I might as well give it it's own MyTake where I can write and elaborate further on what I mean- so see that coming soon as well :P

    • AndrewMG

      @SpiderManFan2002 I look forward to it and I'll know you'll smash it out the park ( as regards to people striking, one of the few fundamental beliefs I was brought up with was you never cross a picket line-I had very socialist influences growing up lol-so I'll give you a hint on what side of the fence I fall on lol). But In all seriousness if this crisis teaches us anything, and it has too, then it's making sure we appreciate the true heroes that will pull us through this. The NHS/care workers/key workers etc is the most diverse but most representative picture of how we are as a country, I felt offended listening to some of the debates around Brexit which had borderline racist undertones (regardless of what people said), this is the chance to rise above that and realise that what defines a person is not where they come from but what is in their heart.

  • vannefftor
    If there's anyone here in healthcare sytems for the US 1. Do u think nationalized healthcare wouldve reduced our spread 2. thank you so much for your fight, especially in the hotzones you all are badass.
    • 1. I think nationalised healthcare funded correctly (in other words not underfunded) would help reduce your spread. Because right now 1 in 4 Americans are skipping healthcare because of the price. A 17-year-old boy who MAY have had COVID-19 was denied healthcare and died. Even without COVID-19 nobody should not have access to healthcare, especially in a first world country like America.

      2. Yep I praise our workers everyday too! ^_^

    • vannefftor

      Couldnt speak it better myself

  • KrakenAttackin
    I'm tired of slobbering all over people who are just doing the job they signed up to do. "THANK YOU STARBUCKS BARISTA, YOU ARE A TRUE HERO"

    As we used to say in law enforcement, "a hero is a meatball sandwich".
    • Lol okay you be tired of that but who would serve you your coffee at Starbucks if that barista didn't exist?

    • I can't remember the last time I went to Starbucks.

    • Well I don't go either, it's too expensive but the one day you do decide to go, who would serve you if it wasn't for them?

      And it's not just about you. It's about everyone else who uses Starbucks, who serves them if there's no Starbucks barista?

  • Jonasindia
    I totally agree! This is our wake up call. If we don't co-operate, we will just be another bug on Mother Nature's windshield. We think we are so smart and all powerful. As if...
    We are becoming a parasite that is killing our host. This pandemic is a picture of humanity. Smart bugs don't kill more than 5% of their hosts. The more your kill, the fewer there are to pass along the infection. This pandemic, in 3 months, has gone from killing 70-80% of the people who got it to less than 25%. Now we would like to think it's because we've gotten a handle on it. Not true. It's gotten a handle on us. It will never go away! Get used to never seeing the lower face of your love until your wedding day. Guess the Muslims had it figured out all along. Get used to never being in groups of more than 5 until we have at least 25% of the population with proven antibodies and get used to another flu shot every fall that only hopes to protect you. This virus had 0% human DNA 3 months ago. The great influenza pandemics all had 50% human DNA. That's why we have annual flu shots, that may or may not work on the current mutation. It could be decades before there is a reliable COVID-19 Vaccine. So, social distancing is your new way of life. Get used to it.
    • "I totally agree! This is our wake up call"
      It sure is.

      "If we don't co-operate, we will just be another bug on Mother Nature's windshield. We think we are so smart and all powerful. As if... We are becoming a parasite that is killing our host. This pandemic is a picture of humanity."
      So true, we don't stand a chance against nature.

      "Guess the Muslims had it figured out all along."
      Haha yeah, I found it so ironic how now people are being told to wear face masks yet they shamed our women who chose to wear burkas.

  • You have became so freaking beautiful since I last saw you🙂
    • Thank you it's important to thank workers in times like these and always because every worker plays an important role in society :) <3

    • It is good for you👍

  • Sevenpointfive
    yeah, it would suck to have to fight this thing. but i sure like going to the grocery store
    • People can still go to grocery store can't they, they just have to take social distancing measures and stuff?

      I mean I don't know how it is across the pond, but it's like that over here.

    • we have sticker placards on the ground that tell us how far to distance.

      the safety measures don't meet quarantine standards. i don't know what's going on with the CDC right now

    Cool like always an awesome my take. Im glad im a healthcare worker. 😎
  • Jones_T
    Yes lots of respect..

    They are the real warriors
  • J2ohhhhh
    Fuck the NHS
    • Why would you say that?

    • J2ohhhhh

      1. They didn't get me a typhus vaccination when I went to Asia. It was due to some administration.
      2. It is just shit. I never go NHS doctor. If I need a check up I go to a private one, because I like to be treated as a human being not just like a number. And this is a really fucked up thing in England, not just in NHS. Everyone is so professional that they forgot to be human beings. Paid service is just so much better. And than it comes that I pay national insurance so in theory as often I use the NHS it is about £4-6k/visit for me. So it is a much more expensive paid shit service.
      3. I also deliver to them. And this is the main reason. It is fucking well known that the hospital is at a fucked up location. It is a pain in the ass to get there. Find the right building. And they never wait or track. So I got there I found them and I am the one who has to call them and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes some entitled prick comes and takes the delivery, tipped only once in 4 years. And usually they don't even say a thank you. It is just so fucking basic that they are the NHS they got 50% off from many local business, they get random vouchers they get the idiots clapping so they just take everything granted. I mean it is a funny situation most of the delivery people start getting fed up with this shit.
      4. Most of my eu citizen friends complain about NHS that they aren't receiving proper treatment because they aren't British.
      NHS is bullshit and people are only cheering for them because the media says so.

    • Don't blame the NHS, blame the government that's been underfunding it for the past 10 years. Not everyone can afford to go private so really you should be thanking your lucky stars we're not America, where in 1 in 4 people go without healthcare because they can't afford it.

      I'm cheering for the NHS because, yes, their service may not be of the best standards, and I have been on long waiting lists but without the NHS I wouldn't have gotten all the treatment I needed, which could have left me in a very different position today.

      I don't F the NHS, I F the government that's been underfunding it for the past 10 years, and if you think the NHS is bad, then you should see my secondary school and college lmao.

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  • My mom works at hospital. On her behalf, welcome.
  • MasRus
    yes they are so heroic
  • 1828avaava1828
    Hear hear!! 🕷
  • Clarke498
    Yes, but what about the celebrities?
    • Celebrities raising money for our health services, helping any kind of service in times of crisis, using their voice to advise people to stay social distancing and at home?

      Thank you I shall add them to the list :)

    • Clarke498

      Was sorta ironic, but yeah, some of them help, and they're awesome.

  • Good take..
  • Jjpayne
    Great shout outs! Thanks for posting!
  • askmewhy66
    Thanks very much.
  • bklynbadboy1
    I swear you honestly do the best my takes
  • Maninderdeepsharma
    Salute 🙏🏽😇
  • You're welcome
  • Emperorxxxemilio
    They really do be on the frontline for us