Men, Smartphones, and Relationships

men's smartphones Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to your boyfriend’s smartphone. Here are some rules when it comes to phone use and guys.

1. A “Just Thinking about You” Text? Nice.

Here’s a situation: we, the boyfriend, are simply going about our day, minding our own business, and going through our standard routine. Then all of a sudden, we get a text message. It’s from our girlfriend. It says something along the lines of: “I just randomly wanted to tell you that you’re an amazing guy, and I’m happy to be with you”.

This kind of short and sweet text message can mean a lot for a guy – especially if it isn’t something that would normally be done. As a guy, we’ll be thinking: “I wonder what I did that made her so happy?” , and he’ll be encouraged to do more good for you.

Sending short, sweet text messages that stroke our male ego is one of the little things that a girl can do to have her man thinking about him all day.

2. Our Phones = Our Diaries

A guy who is always on his phone probably treats it like his diary. He may store personal notes, private voice recordings, and personal pictures to keep to oneself. It’s never a good idea to go through our phones.When this happens, a guy usually has his last source of privacy stripped completely away. Many times, it is thought that if a girl goes through a guy’s phone once – it will be all better. However, that’s just the line that was crossed, it usually gets worse and becomes compulsive.

We as guys, should never look through your phone either. We realize that your phone can be used for the same exact situations – personal notes, diaries, personal pictures, etc. In order to prevent this from occurring – communication and trust must be of the upmost priority.

3. Sometimes We Still Need Our Space

It may happen that you call your boyfriend, and we don’t respond. What are we doing that’s more important then you? Do we not care about you?

There’s a strong chance that if we are not picking up your call, there may be a ton of other things we are currently ignoring as well. Men are kind of like one-track zombies, most of the time they’ll drop everything to hear from their girl, however, there are the exceptions where we are in the absolute zone.

A guy who is always on his phone probably treats it like his diary.

Most guys simply are not into multitasking. If you call or text us and we don’t pick up, it’s not that you’re no longer important - it’s just that we have to give the specific task at hand undivided attention before we give it to you.

4. We Love Girls Who Beat Us in Games

This is especially true in the early stages of the relationship when you two are getting to know each other. There are some games out there that couples can play each other in, especially if each of you has a smartphone, (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.).

Here are some of the more popular, timeless games for couples that can help you two bond:

What’s the Phrase – This is an excellent game that guy would love to play with his girl. It is essentially a play on the game ‘Wheel of Fortune’. It’s a game that requires you to spin, guess, and solve the phrase. The winner of the phrase gets extra points and bragging rights.

Matching with Friends – Have you ever played the popular game “Words with Friends?”; this is a game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. It requires the color matching between blocks of three. Sounds simple, but there are some advanced chains and combinations that can be mastered to score big points.

These types of games are very fun and great for couple bonding. He’s winning because he’s playing video games, all guys love video games. On top of that, you two are giving each other attention. Even if we guys whine and complain that “you’re cheating” while beating us, we still love the fact that we’re playing games with you.

5. Try Out Apps for Couples

We guys are always looking at our smartphone, getting distracted. If you want to get our attention, you may want to try out some apps for couples. This will allow us guys to feed his love for tech, and more importantly our love for you.

Couple – This is an app that is a must have for any couple. Guys will love it because it will give us another reason to check our phone. It is essentially a messenger built solely for two people. Here you will be able to build memories, set up dinner dates, Face Chat, send high quality video messages, create special moments via “doodling”, LiveSketch, and thumb kisses.

Avocado – A similar app that us guys will love, you will be able to send private messages, share specific items, send virtual hugs, and kisses as well. Many people think phones can ruin a relationship, but phones are simply objects. They can be used as tools to build the relationship or weapons to destroy it, it all depends on how you approach your relationship!


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  • Nice article, I especially liked what you said at the end. "Many people think phones can ruin a relationship, but phones are simply objects. They can be used as tools to build the relationship or weapons to destroy it, it all depends on how you approach your relationship!" That's something a lot of people don't seem to realize.


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  • GREAT article. I loved it!


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  • Wow this is totally the answers I've been looking for thanks so much I've been looking for better ways to stay connected to my husband of 9yrs


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  • Very true! Awesome article!