How dating apps are having a very negative effect on how both men & women interact with the opposite sex to create real and authentic attraction

How dating apps are having a very negative effect on how both men & women interact with the opposite sex to create real and authentic attraction.

Maybe a decade ago you could meet someone great from online dating, you would both meet and things could go far, now I doubt anyone is meeting anyone both men and women they would like to.

All these apps now do is inflate ego's, cause us to be more selective, like we actually have control because were swiping left / right on a digital app on are own in seclusion and yet i can bet a dollar if you were meeting these people face to face would you be so bold and blunt to just not even chat to them if they showed interest?

Its disguised power! It's like your a king or queen of an island with no people in it, yet you fail to see the boat to cross over to a country to interact with women/men. These apps cater for a small demographic of men and a vast demographic of women, anyone can swipe there fingers away and chat with someone on an app, but that isn't attraction, attraction is built when you meet with the person its how they look when you talk to them there smile, there laugh, how they respond etc.
All these apps are doing is making us not show are truer selves, making us less willing to interact with the opposite sex on a human to human level to form and create attraction.

Another thing! are you telling me that these apps don't have the coding to show all your matches in one go? Why do you have to constantly swipe, get upgrades and spend money for more. Its the same as when you search for cheap airline tickets and you get a progress bar show up, its a disguise to get the user to think that the more time they make you wait the better results when in fact there is enough code to get you your plane tickets options in 1 - 2 seconds.

I went through a period in life where I had to kick my ass to meet actually women I liked, I had to remove elements of fear and strike up convosations, show interest, ask women out and show my intelligence and social charisma you simply can't show that through an app. I can say I've met some great women, great convosations and experiences this way which I will bet 100% I wouldn't have had a chance it this was from some dating app.

Everyone do yourself a favour go out and take a step and talk to someone, ask them out, I don't care how or when if you know them or don't, life is too short to be sitting down swiping hoping man / women of your dreams will match you or even talk to you.


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  • Not to rain down on your parade but this has been said a million times over. People know this they just don't care enough.


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  • You know it could just be seen as a prelude to actually meeting in person.

  • I've never used a dating anything

  • I agree. Playing with nature will of course change the course of our evolution and i think there better be people involved to make this course helpful to the race of humans.