Why some people shouldn’t have animals

Why some people shouldn’t have animals

Ever been out on a hot summer day and saw a dog tied up with no water and sometimes no shade?

Two years ago in the dead of winter I saw a dog sleeping outside the door of the owners house in freezing temperatures. He would occasionally get up and scratch at the door but they didn’t let him in.

There was another person who would let their dog roam the neighborhood and honestly I feared the dog would get hit by a car because she was getting old and couldn’t move as fast.

I’m not trying to be a pesky neighbor that can’t mind their business but I love animals and there are certain conditions that no pet should be put through.

How someone could ever get a dog or a cat and leave them chained up their whole lives is beyond my comprehension.

They have feelings too.

It breaks my heart when I see animals left in deplorable conditions, because they can’t speak of their sufferings.

Now I’m not saying that chaining your dog outside for a couple a bit so that they can get some air while you work is wrong, but neglecting them is.

They need food, they need shelter from the elements, they need water and most importantly they need love.

If you don’t have the time or energy to put into them please don’t get one.

I know it’s hard to resist the temptation but don’t put them through that.

A dog will love you no matter what, so make sure you love him just the same way that he loves you.

Why some people shouldn’t have animals
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