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"In One of the Good Multiverse Timelines..." A What If Scenario: Part 1


You know, when I was young, my mother once flipped a coin when out one night, super-drunk, to see if it was worth it to drive home or not. In your reality, my mother got heads and slept in the car until morning. She didn't go out drunk driving and I had to live with that nightmare until well into my twenties.

But in this different timeline, it was tails, resulting in driving home drunk and dying. This led to me having a better future and life as a result of this alternate reality. Many other things changed as a result of this.

In One of the Good Multiverse Timelines... A What If Scenario: Part 1


1. My childhood was spent being raised by my grandmother, who was much better than my abusive mother.

2. Early on, I met a neighbor of my grandmother's. A 22 year old man unsure about joining the army or not. After talking to me, I convinced this man, Jonathan Williams, to enlist.

3. While in the army, Jonathan becomes a respected and decorated soldier, quickly rising up the ranks.

4. Jonathan becomes a military leader and advisor to President Bill Clinton. As advisor, he warns president Clinton against the dangers of the government of China.

5. President Clinton never makes a trade agreement between the United States and China, and other countries mimic the US in this, refusing to do business with a totalitarian Communist regime.

6. The Chinese economy eventually crumbles and collapses in 1999, leading to the end of the Chinese Communist Party. The US and United Kingdom signs a deal with the country, leading to the beginning of Democracy in the new Republic of China, with Hong Kong being the capital.

7. Jonathan gets another promotion in 2000, which causes him to investigate leads on several Afghan terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

8. In mid 2001, an undercover operation is set up to stop Afghan terrorists from destroying several US landmarks, including the World Trade Center in New York. The military operation prevented three planes from being hijacked in September 2001, saving countless lives. President George W. Bush did not seem to care much about the heroes behind stopping the terrorists.

9. The military hero, Jonathan Williams, becomes a Five Star General. In 2004, Democratic nominee Barack Obama becomes president of the United States, beating incumbent George W Bush, and Jonathan Williams becomes General of the US Department of Defense.

10. In 2011, General Jonathan Williams announces he's running as a Republican for President of the United States and in 2012, wins the election and becomes President.

In One of the Good Multiverse Timelines... A What If Scenario: Part 1


11. Me, being raised by my grandmother in the 90s, meets a neighbor girl my age. She's a young athlete and taller than me by an inch. She doesn't think it's a big deal, but I become deeply jealous by it.

12. I get inspired to lead a healthy and athletic lifestyle, worried about not growing and becoming weak as an adult. As a child, I start eating healthy every day, doing lots of cardio, and getting 8 to 10 hours a sleep daily.

13. By high school, I continue this healthy lifestyle and nearing my goal of 6'5". I'm also friends with the blonde female athlete, Tierra, who has peaked at 6'0". Because I'm such an athlete, I win the state championship at Track and Field and wrestling.

14. My work ethic and athletic accolades, causes me to become popular in school, thus influential. I use this influence to tell the student body that our society is not good and that it's up to us, the youth, to make a better world than the one we were born into. This leads me to become student body president, as well.

15. I graduate high school and with a respect for my country and self-confidence, enter into the military. Though it's hard, I manage to pass basic training and become a cadet. Eventually, I become a Marine.

16. After serving time as a Marine, I decide to enter into college and learn various things about political science, public speaking, business, and psychology. I leave with a major in physical therapy.

17. I run across my old friend again, who happens to be a Hollywood stuntwoman now. Through this, I meet a 5'11", natural 36DD redhead Hollywood actress she works with named Bryce. Eventually, I marry Bryce at age 27 and we have a daughter together.

18. I spend the next three years of my late twenties being a physical therapist, helping people to physically recover, while also inspiring their minds. I also do this while being a happy father and husband. My wife's career blows up, my neighbor Jonathan Williams won re-election as United States president in 2016, and life is good.

19. Events in the world collide with my life, leading me to get into the world of politics. Although politics is a shady business, I remain true to myself over the next four years and don't give in to corruption or greed. We manage to turn around California from being a negative place to live, into being a positive one. However, despite our best efforts, a terrible and corrupt candidate wins the 2020 presidential election.

20. After having eight years experience in politics and having enough bipartisan support, including that of former president Williams, I make a run for the 2024 presidential election at the age of 38, against the disastrous 2020 president, hoping they don't get re-elected.


"In One of the Good Multiverse Timelines..." A What If Scenario: Part 1
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  • exitseven

    Damn, it is amazing how one thing can have a big impact on your life. There are a couple of things that happened to me in my past that totally changed the trajectory of my life.

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  • Libertycityguy

    I didn't fail out in college and continued my Criminal Justice Degree and went for Criminal Psychology then into law enforcement then ending working in Homicide as a Detective.

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  • Rania05

    I hope it's really happening in another time-space

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  • Avicenna

    Sounds good.

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