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Habits are a direct factor and link to intelligence


I’ve done some thinking…

and after a question I had posed not too long ago, I figured I’d share my conclusive thoughts on the matter.

It'll be helpful to me, if I come back later to read this, and hopefully, at the very least, thought-provoking for the reader(s).

I will describe it as this:

Bad habits are not only a sign of lacking intelligence, but probably poor resources.

A person may use or consume cheap materials because they cannot afford better quality.

They then, develop bad habits.

Another will develop a bad habit because they do not recognize the better way to getting around to what they want.

Whether the goal and end product be:





and so forth, the way of going about it will encourage a habit or routine, and depending on how that person goes about it to meet their end-goal, will determine, overall, if that habit/ routine is good/beneficial or not.

Now, previously to writing this my take, I was going to make it so the person with the cheaper resources, was an exception to this significant correlation, between habits and intelligence.

Then I realized and recalled: many ancient animals in the animal kingdom received, not a bad hand (they had a good start up in life), but they experienced some “draw-backs.” Some draw-backs from NATURAL, climatic changes, due to the earths solidifying development stage(s), and due to man-made interferences.

Nevertheless, these animals, if not going extinct, did ADAPT, and in all reality, developed/adopted new *Instinct(s).*

They followed an internal biological formula, from one of their predecessors’ experimentation with the outside resources they had available to them.

They either adapted externally in sets of behavior, or internally by a new addition or subtraction to their physical/ biological bodies.

Either way, they adapted and the external changes were from their own level of intelligence, in response to their environment.

Due to the mentioning of these animals, in their case of being “dealt a bad hand.” They did overcome.

So I conclude, that habits have no exception(s) as of now, and have a great link and association with intelligence.

If a human finds something benefits and works for them, they will continue to do it/ choose it, and then there are some who act according to feeling, and those habits are not always positive or logical. They’re performed with the absence of mind. Performed without consideration or experimentation, to know for sure what the effects of their choices are/would be.

All habits reflect our intelligence.

^Seen above: An adapted Carnivore, turned Omnivore^
^Seen above: An adapted Carnivore, turned Omnivore^
^Seen above: An adapted Carnivore, turned Omnivore^
^Seen above: An adapted Carnivore, turned Omnivore^
^Seen above: An adapted carnivore, turned herbivore^
^Seen above: An adapted carnivore, turned herbivore^
Habits are a direct factor and link to intelligence
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