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Keep target in your mind 😉

Keep target in your mind 😉

If you want to be happy, always give your brain 🧠 a target 🎯, whenever you complete that target your brain will release happy hormones, the result will be you will be happy and you will believe in everything you do.

The target doesn't have to be huge, it can be small. As this man had given himself a target that he would climb this tree and pluck the fruit.

Now it is very happy to complete this target. Because it is not an easy task to climb such a high place and pluck the fruit. Yet he is climbing up and plucking the fruit. 👏

Well, joking aside, this thing is very important in psychology, it is not necessary to keep the mind busy, but it is necessary to keep it busy in such work, which results in happiness to the mind.

So every day give your mind some small and big target.

Keep target in your mind 😉
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