Motivation - Advice & Tips

Motivation - Advice & Tips

Motivation. We all want it, most of us need it yet it's something we all find difficult to attain. After studying in higher education for 3 years, I've learnt some techniques which usually work for me. They may not work for everyone though it wouldn't hurt to try them if getting motivation is a problem for you.

Reward Systems

I can't stress enough how effective an award system is and how easy it is to set up! The reward can be anything of your choice; food, your favourite TV programme/video game, seeing your SO, a break etc. It's best to reward yourself with something you're really craving, that will give you the drive you need. Needless to say, you must possess a large amount of self control to do this. If I have coursework to do but I also have a new video game that I've spent all day thinking about, I will tell myself that I can only play if I do an hour of work or until I've completed one assignment.

Feeling Guilty

Following on from Reward Systems, I'm sure you've given up something you're meant to be doing for something you want to do, but it doesn't feel so good because you have that niggling voice in the back of your head telling you to do what you're meant to be doing in the first place, completely dampening your fun. Think about that voice the next time you're tempted to do something other than what you're supposed to be doing!

Be Realistic

Don't set a whole day to do something, it's not healthy or efficient and you're less likely to want to do it because it'll seem like too much. You can't possibly maintain a good mindset, the energy or the concentration for several hours without a rest. This tip is especially relevant for revision - you should revise in short periods and have regular breaks as it's been found that your brain can process and remember things better compared to revising for many hours continuously. However, don't let yourself get too releaxed or distracted in your breaks, otherwise you will struggle to return back to what you were doing and begin the downward spiral of procrastination.

Weight Off Your Shoulders

Have you completed something and felt that huge sense of relief? That feeling is almost like a drug; your mind feels refreshed and now you have endless possibilities to do what you like. Try making that feeling your drive or reward to complete something that needs doing.


I find that when I organise what I need to do in manageable steps, it all seems a lot easier and more achievable. Almost immediately, I've felt more in control and less stressed from doing this small, yet powerful step. If you've got so much work to do that you're stressing about it, write down what you need to do in order of priority, how long it will take you on each and when you intend to start it. Spread out the small goals you've set over a long period of time (or up until their deadlines) and complete them in small increments. That way, it won't feel like it's consuming all of your free time and you can also schedule around those chosen times instead of taking a whole day out for it!

Think Of The Outcome

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're actively looking for motivation which must mean that what you're trying to get motivation for is important to you. Think about why it needs to be done and what the benefit is from doing it. If you're in education, then your future career is the beneficial outcome of your hard work. If you don't do the work, you won't get to where you want to be. Even if you're trying to find motivation to tidy your room, the outcome is going to be beneficial to you - a clear room, a clear mind.

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