Recipe for a good Banana Pudding

Recipie for a good Banana Pudding

My late Grandmother always made the best Banana Pudding at Family Reunions and gatherings.

Today I'm going to share with you her recipie for a great Banana Pudding!!!

What you will need:

1-2 boxes of vanilla wafers

1-2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding


4-6 Bananas cut up

mixer/ mixing bowl

A medium to large square or rectangular tupperware container

(optional) whipped cream.

First you need to gather all ingredients. Then start first by mixing the pudding. Use the directions on the box to determine the amount of milk needed to make the pudding. After the pudding is mixed start by cutting up the bananas. Next you should start with a layer of wafers, then a layer of Bananas. Keep repeating this step till you reach the top of the container. Then pour in the pudding. It should fill into the layers to make a great banana pudding. Finally keep in refrigarator overnight.

The next day it should be ready to go and be eaten.

GaGers: If you have any tips or comments feel free to add them!!

Happy Eating!!!

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  • interesting take! I love banana pudding, I make mine quite a bit different though. now I want some!!

    I might start sharing recipes too! (:

    • I don't think thats ever been done on here haha

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    • maybe we should request it

    • go for it!!

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