10 Struggles Today's Youth Will Never Experience Or Understand

Technology is advancing everyday and with advancements we say good bye to the old way of doing things. But that doesn't mean we can't be bitter that today's kids will never get frustrated with some of the tasks below!

1. Taking Your Film To Get Developed

10 Struggles Today's Youth Will Never Experience Or Understand

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When you open your envelope of photos, you find out that half of them are blurry and you complete missed your self in the attempt of a "selfie."

2. Checking The TV Guide Channel

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Of course, right when you get on the channel, it just passed the channel you were eyeing! So you have to wait till it scrolls again!

3. Looking Up A Phone Number In A Phone Book

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Trying to find the number or listing for someone or a business and having to physically turn pages!

4. Recording Your Favorite TV Show With A VHS Tape

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The first challenge was finding a blank VHS tape, so you didn't record over a home movie or the other episode of your favorite TV show.

5. Having To Rewind A VHS Tape & Wait

Be kind, rewind! The time it took to rewind a tape was 10 times longer than the time it takes rewind today.

6. Using The Pay Phone When You Are Out & About

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You had to make sure you had change, so you could even afford that call!

7. Checking Out Books & Encyclopedias To Write A Paper From The Library

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Surprisingly libraries are still around, but their computer labs get more action than their bookshelves!

8. Saving Your Files On A Floppy Disk

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Now we have the convenience of a flash drive, but those floppy disks were reliable at one point, just as long as you did not break the metal part from sliding it so much. And to think that one floppy disk could only store maybe one or two documents!

9. Answering The Phone & Not Knowing Who Is Calling

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Back in the day, you could not avoid prank callers, bill collectors, or crazy ex boyfriends or girlfriends.

10. Having To Blow On A Video Game Cartridge To Get It Working

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You finally made it to the next level, but your Nintendo or Sega game console stopped working so you had to blow on the video game cartridge to cool it down and make it work.

What are some other things this generation and the next will never know or experience? Cassette tapes before CDS? Mixtape before playlists? Checking lyrics in the CD booklet? Dial up internet? TVs with antennas and barely any channels?

Do you think this generation and the next is spoiled by technology? Do you think it makes them lazy? What are your thoughts?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I did all but 1 of these, but I'm also 25... so I'm not exactly a "youth" lol

    The only one I didn't do was the encyclopedia/checking out books thing. We used encyclopedias in school for certain things, but not to the extent that writing a paper requires. By the time I got to that age in school where we had to write papers, essays, reports, etc... the internet had already come along far enough to use it instead.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have done all of these things, what do you mean by youth? I am pretty sure I am part of America's youth...

    • honestly we only did them for a little bit of time when we were younger, the newer generations ( my younger siblings) know nothing

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What Guys Said 3

  • Good old days T_T

  • You can probably add writing a check to that list.

  • i bet if my nephews had to do any of those things I did growing up, they would be completely lost.


What Girls Said 3

  • Lol so true

  • Omg.. Memories as a 90s kid.. the best era ever

  • Who are today's youth because I thought I was in the upper bracket of that newborn-18. What is the age range?
    Also I remember all of those things including the things at the bottoms except for 7 and 8.