Before they were famous: 7 television stars that starred in soap operas

Everybody gets their start somewhere and for some, that start was on a soap opera. Here's 7 television stars that started on soap operas before anybody knew who they were.

Josh Duhamel

Before they were famous: 7 television stars that starred in soap operas.

He's a little bit bigger then television now, since he's stared in some movies. Before that though he played Leo De Pres on All My Children. After that he stared in the NBC show Las Vegas for 4 seasons as Danny McCoy.

Aubrey Dollar

She's mostly guest starred in shows more then anything else. However, she's going to be starring in a new show that airs tonight called Battle Creek (with the above actor Josh Duhamel). Before that she played Marina Cooper on the Guiding Light and after that spend one season playing Cindy Thomas on the show Womens Murder Club.

Justin Hartley

He's been in a lot of shows since his soap days most recently Mistresses and Revenge. Before that though he played Fox Crane on Passions. His most known T.V. role is probably as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow on Smallville.

Kelli Giddish

She now plays Detective Amanda Rollins on Law & Order: SVU. Before that though she played Di Henry on All My Children. Before SVU, she had a show on NBC called Chase. It didn't last long though.

Jonathan Jackson

He first started out as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital from 93 -99, then he left. He came back to the soap for 1yr in 2011, then left again. Now, you can see him as Avery Barkley on the television show Nashville. The cool part is he's actually a musician and plays music. He even started a band with some of his fellow GH co-stars.

Amber Tamblyn

You might know her from the movies Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or the Grudge 2, she even had show on CBS called Joan of Arcadia. Before any of that though she was Emily Quatermaine on General Hospital. Recently, I think she had a part on the show Two and a Half Men.

Shemar Moore

I'm sure everyone knows who he is, he plays Derek Morgan on the show Criminal Minds. Before that though he played Malcolm Winters on the Young and the Restless. I also just discovered, he's not only an actor but also a model. Why does that not surprise me lol.

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