Vaping - social acceptability.

Vaping - social acceptability.

I want to vape. But im not sure of it's social acceptablitliy. I've done research and i've found that if i do choose to do so, i would be fine because healthwise and so much safer than cigarettes. I mean really inhaling anything other than oxygen isn't preferrable, but as far as e-cigs go, little to no risk healthwiseat least no where near cigarrettes. I can also choose NOT to have NICOTINE.
It can be a cessation device for cigarettes, but i feel as though it's benefits can go further than just helping people quit. Losing weight, for example, by cutting snacking. like instead of having a chocolate croissant with your coffee you vape chocolate flavored juice. OR instead of having a caramel apple, you vape it. and so on and so forth.
I'm am not at all the type of person someone would imagine vaping at all.
I just want to see in general peoples attitudes towards it. So share your opinion!

Still dont know enough to give your take? here are some links, I highly reccomend watching all of them before you answer regardless if you know about them or not:


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  • Lol, you mean little PROVEN health risks. Several decades ago there was little PROVEN health risks of smoking and second hand smoke, because the tobacco companies lobbied and bullied politicians and scientists who said there were. It took decades for the truth to come out, and now they have a more concentrated version of one of the most addictive poisonous substances known to exist, but they say because there aren't any long term studies that prove vaping is bad for you that it isn't.

    Wake up! They just want to sell you a harmful addictive substance like they ALWAYS have its their business model! They also are trying to get around anti-smoking laws because by calling it vaping they think no one will realize it is EFFECTIVELY the same thing.

    • Which 'addictive poisonous substance' are you talking about?

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    • You mean like they said smoking was safe back when the same tobacco lobbyists controlled it many decades ago? They introduce a new product, and since it takes many years and many millions of dollars to do scientific studies they simply say over and over "there is no public study saying that its harmful" so they can make as much money off as much suffering as possible until the truth comes out!

      As for nicotine occurring naturally in small doses, that unlike smoking/vaping are not harmful. Go back to your lobbying office, and try to sell more poison to kids.

    • As I said:

      Drumroll Please!

      "Nicotine is a naturally occurring toxic chemical found in tobacco plants." (CDC)

      Also, "At one time, nicotine was used in the United States as an insecticide and fumigant..." (CDC)

      Or if you don't like the CDC just google "Nicotine Poisoning" and you will FIND many stories including this one about how KIDS are being POISONED be E-CIGS, and how they are made to smell good PURPOSELY by big tobacco to entice KIDS to use them.

      I would say take your own advice, but I'm beginning to think you are nothing but a tobacco executive with a fake account trying to push your product targeting primarily kids under 18.

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  • If you vape just for the sake of camping I don't think that's a good idea. Putting anything in your body it shouldn't have (liek water vapor) is not ideal. Vamping has very few health side effects but It can increase the likelihood of getting bronchitis and pneumonia from the vapor. Only use it to help quit smoking or get off drugs.

    Also, #VapeLife is the most wretched hive of scum and villainy ever.

    • Like:
      -wine/liquor increases likelihood of liver related diseases and brain damage/metla illnesses, and alcoholism
      -Caffeine lowers fertility, and increases likelihood of heart related problems.
      -Junk food, causes obesity, and indirectly causes many many more health implications
      The list goes on.
      Many things we consume have effects on our health. But people are free to do it, I don't see people yelling at someone cause they're drinking a coffee or alcohol. Plus when I'm walking down the street (seattle) I smell weed and cigarettes, It's just gross. I would much rather people emit less odorous substances. Plus i said in my MyTake "I mean really inhaling anything other than oxygen isn't preferable". But as a healthier alternative to smoking, I think vaping should be supported. It would save many lives.
      Not everyone who vapes is going aroud social media like #cloudchaser#vapelife #blahblah. I Personally think it's stupid as well. Some vapors can actually be conformed members of society.

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  • If you're a smoker and want to quit, I've never known a person for whom this was helpful...

    But I don't get why you would like to do this... Just don't get it.

  • I know plenty of people who have actually quit smoking using those. One I know was smoking a pack a day, and now he just vapes sometimes.

    • I've also seen many people who were just walking zombies from cigarettes rise up and finally be able to do activities again thanks to vaping.

    • Me too. One of them is actually trying to start marathons. I think he is trying his first this May.

    • That's amazing! i don't know how people can look at these results and still be opposed to vaping.