Self acceptance is key

Self acceptance is key

As you may know, I've always wanted to increase my height, even though people love it and call me cute names and such. I accepted it and saw it as a great thing , and nothing to be ashamed of, however I often had the idea that "If I was taller , I'd be more attractive ", I love my looks, my curves and how my beautiful body is shaped, but I always thought that something is missing. No one really cares about the tall girls in my school cause they think "they aren't attractive in their looks neither their personality " Which i agree on ; On a spiritual level , their personalities don't attract me but their height does in a type of way. I believe in a thing called subliminals, so I typed short subliminals, I didn't mean by it that I want a"how to become shorter", I thought about la durée of the video. I was surprised to see that there are many people who want to get shorter , shrink even to the height of 4'9! I realized that everyone wants something that the other has. Some want to get taller , others to get shorter or skinnier or thicker and heavier. We are all perfect in a special way and no matter how we try to satisfy our needs and illusions ; it will never be enough and you will always want to change other things about yourself. It's in a matter of fact a drug type of way .❤

Self acceptance is key
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  • alelectro
    Hmm, I haven't thought about it that way before, but I think you nailed it... chasing attraction is a lot like chasing the experience of a drug. You'll never be satisfied and always want more. Yet if you stopped, your life would be better. I for one love a curvy girl whether she's tall or short.
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  • NickR0795
    see babe.. I am a male and i am 165 cms only.. people do call me shorty but i don't mind them. And bcoz I know that it really well how people feel, I don't make fun of someone's physical trait.. That makes me a wiser person than them..😉😉
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    • Asmaaa

      You are wiser and thats the key

  • blueguy07
    You are right about wanting this olor change that you are beautiful and very attractive your my type of woman
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  • davids88
    I thought girls are supposed to be short and guys are supposed to be tall. Whats your height?
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    • Asmaaa

      I'm so short, 5'0 n you?

  • jojixlight
    Girl, you're right no one is satisfied by the way he looks. That's why we shouldn't judge ourselves we should know how we look from the eyes of other people. Plus everyone is different and that's what makes me, me. And makes you, you. Being different is amazing. Imagine if we were all alike? that would be boring lol and you're so pretty by the way <3
  • _Troian_
    Well as a woman u don't even need to worry about your height lol, its men who usually worry about their height.
    You'd be more attractive if you didn't eat more than your body needs.
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  • shyamshrma437
    Salam Self acceptance is key
  • Pliskin55
    glad you accept your looks but you’re still overweight
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  • GeanieJ78
    Well said. I completely agree!
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  • alance99
    You look prettt
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  • ArmyGuy91
    Your beautiful
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  • abdennour_hadjyoub
    U look nice
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  • jak0b
    Hot woman
  • bluehen46
    HOtt bod
  • hamxs
    You are looking gorgeous..
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  • Emanon_18
    I agree 💯
  • Medalistical
    oh, so complicated shit.
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  • Jeffgoldwil
    A heart attack is imminent
  • JustWowMan
    great dude :O
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    i think that you look good and you will have many men trying to marry you
  • Anonymous
    I want to smoke what have been smoking
  • Anonymous
    You pretty good looking and there is no reason take physical attributes to judge people. At the end of the day your personality trumps looks and height any day.
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    • Asmaaa

      You know tbh i know i can get to 158 and thats the height i want , i used to say no i want 160+ but i saw smth today that made me chill lmao and thank you for thinking im pretty ❤