Feminism and FemiNAZI

There is a huge difference between those two.

Feminism: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

wikipidia definition

As you have noticed: The main idea of feminism is to make both genders equal. So it started by talking about women's issues and trying to cover them all, and it worked very well, because now women can talk freely about their sex life, their feelings, their opinions and their horrific rape stories and speak up and defend themselves about harrasment.


After this huge, great evolution and leap to the gender equality, something happened. The femiNAZI appeared.

Feminazi: The term is used pejoratively in popular culture to describe either feminists who are perceived as extreme or radical or women who are perceived to seek gender superiority over men.

wikipedia, altered.

Feminazis are racist women who are doing exactly the opposite of what men a long time ago used to do. They are trying to rule and be the better gender, and by doing that they are forgeting the most important rule of feminism, the only thing that feminism was based of: "GENDER EQUALITY".

Feminazis fight for trivial things, and they forget what is important about gender equality. Feminazis want to change very old terms so it would contain "Women" instead of men.

For example, the world 'snowman' gets on their nerevs. How dare they call it a snowman! It is a snowperson!!! They would all say.

Also they think that bras are a sign of oppression and submission to men, even though it was invented to support the breasts and make women more comfortable.

They think that women shouldn't shave their legs or wear makeup because doing so is a sign of submession to men's desires. They thing that if we try to look good to attract men then we are being submessive. Hint, they don't mind men trying to look good for them.


Hope I tried to change your point of view about feminists, because me, as a feminist, I try my best to debate and support equality between both genders, and I believe women in the middle east should speak up about their issues and for example their rape stories and report them, just as men should do so in the USA, that is sort of getting dominated by feminazis.

Have a nice, equal, peaceful day!Feminism and FemiNAZI.


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  • I would say the definition of feminazi is less extreme than that.

    For instance, a feminist might discuss how girls might be talked out of leadership positions at a young age. A feminazi would create a petition to ban the word "Bossy."

    Feminists in Sweden, if I recall, when confronted with the wage gap and a hiring gap, did an in-depth analysis of the worse culprits, and discovered women worked fewer hours, men worked almost all of the overtime, women took time off for childcare (also one of the contributers to men taking more overtime), and men worked more dangerous jobs.

    In fact, they found that men were having more trouble balancing life and work.

    As a result, they got rid of maternity leave and replaced it with parental leave that was longer, and could be divided however. They also started men's fatherhood campaigns to encourage men to balance things out more. Sweden has one of the lowest wage gaps.

    Meanwhile, in America, when femi"nazis" discover something similar, companies are held on trial for bias against women, and quotas are instated. In other words, instead of a woman being a potential asset to a company, she has become a potential lawsuit, and people are more likely to think "she just got there because of quotas." Thus, the number may be fixed, but the sexism is likely worse.

    I would say feminazis are essentially misandrists who try to justify it by claiming the guise of feminist, but often do and say things to make things worse, like writing books about the "superior vagina" or a book I saw recently that talked about how to phase men out of existance to "rid the world of violence, war, and heirarchy."

    I'm not even joking about that last one. If I recall, an actual NAZI held such a view, but towards Jews. His name was Hitler and the book was Mein Kampf.

    A guy recently publicly presented a similar perspective, but against women. His name was Elliot Rodger.

    Yet the woman's book was published. In the "science" section no less.

    • Your comment has the most valuable information in this entire thread. Why is there not more people speaking on this issue?

    • i salute thee for this comment.
      this is what i believe as well.
      in the usa sexism is worse and the gap between men and women is worse.

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  • So what exactly has feminism done for men? I mean, feminists can talk about equality all they want but actions speak louder than words. I'm not trying to be antagonistic here so I hope you don't get the wrong idea, I'm just legitimately wondering since I always hear feminists talk about equality for all but they only seem to address and advocate for women's rights. So, I'm wondering if any self-proclaimed feminists here could shed some light on that.

    There's nothing wrong with fighting for women's rights (I'm obviously a woman so I have nothing against that) but I don't see how people can claim to want equality but then only fight for the rights of one group.

    Do you think that there are certain areas of society in which men are not completely equal? Most feminists I've met have said "no" when I ask them that question. Again, I'm not trying to start an argument here, these are simply legitimate thoughts/questions I have.


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  • Please stop using th term feminazi, it is offensive to those of us who are actually nazis.

    We don't want to be asociated with fat, red haired women either.

  • Women's rights and gender equality is simply called humanism and respect for your fellow man lol. Feminism on the other hand is that women should have superior rights to men--they have all control over birth, pregnancies, abortions, etc. They get superior treatment during a divorce from the courts and they get vastly higher child support packages. They should get affirmative action and extra scholarships and benefits to bridge a percieved gap between men and women. Men should pay for dates, open doors, let women onto the life rafts first, and all of those gentleman things. Men should have to do most of the fighting in the military and should do the most dangerous jobs. Women also have pretty much complete control over sex while the concerns of men are thought of as disgusting. So feminists want superior rights for all women and for men to be happy slaves about this. We'll turn into a matriarchy soon--women will have the most control over the nation by controlling and limiting sex00similar to the oil supply shocks.

    • Humanism is believing in the good of people, it has nothing to do with gender.

      Feminism is equality, for women AND men. The word itself is used because people used to believe that the female sex was weaker. That's where the name comes from. Eg: crying/ showing emotions. If a man does that, it is often seen as weak, "only women do that" "grow up, be a man!!" Feminism wants to say no to that, we belive that a man has the right to cry without being seen as weak or unmanly, men have the right to be stay at home dads, boys have the right to do "female sports" like ballet. So feminism is acctually for men too. The name is just misleading. And all the things you describe is not what feminism is about.

      You are just afraid, aren't you? You feel threatened because you think you won't be in control or you think you will be controlled and become less manly. In reality, we are all puppets of the governement.

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    • No pudding cake fish pudding cake or whatever, humanism according to wiki is "Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings"

      Since women are human beings, they deserve the same rights as men as well as equality.

      And many feminists do in fact want superior rights--not all women are equal. In fact women are starting to gain superior rights in first world countries--like a man cannot force a woman to abort a pregnacny if she illegally got his genetic material and impregnated herself. And women do control men frequently through the power of sex. I only wish men werent sex crazed so it wouldn't be a submission to women in order to get sex, rather a mutual enjoyable experience where there is no give take relationship occuring.

      And i'm not afraid--i'm already not in control of many things that go on in my life. One thing I particularly have no control over is my sex life. It completely depends on the whim of women since prostitution

    • is illegal

  • Finally someone that understands what true feminism really is. I really feel sometimes I am the only person that understands the difference. I have tried explaining the difference so many times to people but many people are just so uptight about it that sometimes I wonder why I bother. Even some girls don't understand the difference. I understood what a true feminist is before reading your take so I was able to analyse what you said and you have everything correct here. Also I support true feminism but not misandry/Feminazi. I believe in equal rights between men and women so that also makes me a feminist and for those reading this yes men can be feminists to. A feminist does not refer to just a woman, it refers to any man or woman that supports equal rights between both genders. As for a Feminazi I never really fully new what that term meant. However, I did know that sexist women that are trying to rule and be the better gender, that are close minded and shut any guy up that talks about men's rights, that treat a guy like rubbish when he pulls her up about her bad behaviour, makes sexist comments about men and saying things like "well men deserve this, it is payback for what they have done" are not feminists. I just referred to these women as misandrists so I guess what I have learnt from your take is a new word to describe these women as I already knew how these women behave. I know that real feminists hate Feminazi because they know Feminazi are actually doing damage to their gender and they know that because a lot of men and some girls don't understand the difference that feminists will get considered as feminazi when they are not. There is a difference people, a big difference. I like your take a lot, everything is true in this take.

  • Modern feminism has no place for the reasonable or open-minded. Most women avoid the term because they know the fembots have taken it over.

    Sure, in the US it's still cool to say you're a feminist, but in the US, people still believe in the Iraq WMD even after 15 years.

  • People are so afraid of "feminzai's" and Nino its the norm. Where are you meeting these people? this is not something that is actually prevalent in our society. Sure, there are people like that and sometimes it pops up in the news but to assume it's the norm is stupid.

    There are definely a bunch of bitter dudes on this site who can't get laid and blame Gemini for their own problems

    No movement is perfect. There are going to be streamed views with anything. But where anyone has gotten that those are the norm or he mainstream is beyond me

    There are anti-feminist girls who want to appear cool to anti-feminist guys. Hey do so without realizing how much feminism has I acted their lives and made it better than it would've been, and are throwi themselves under the bus

    There are anti-feminist guys who just genuinely dislike women (can't get laid? Mommy issues?) and it's easier to blame women for it.

    There are also many people who calmly critique feminism for extremes that FEW people believe. Feminism isn't some club that you pay to be a member of. It's an idea that anyone can put themselves under. So some crazy woman with extreme and frankly annoying beliefs posts on tumblr and all of a sudden, that's the face of feminism? That's a load of crap.

    • It's not that the nazis are the norm, it's that they are in power. They are usually leading the charge for women's rights and at the top ranks of all the organizations. They make the most noise, that's why their seen as the norm, for the same reason that Islamic terrorist are seen as the norm in their religion.

      I just think if a "true", I guess you'd call them a moderate feminist, was being honest with herself, she'd see that there is no need for a feminist movement in the western world, that's why the nazis are ahead, because they still want more than equal.

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    • Rereading my comment and realizing how much autocorrect fucked me

      Is feminism probably more needed in places like, say, Saudi Arabia? Yeah. For sure. But to say its no longer needed in the western world isn't true. There are still issues impacting women that should be addressed.

    • @gonyr Completely agree.

  • I have a question about your definition you pulled from Wiki:
    "Feminism: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

    What rights do men have that women don't?

    • Hahaha I second that!!!

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    • Well, I don't think anyone disputes that the inequality exists in the middle east.

      But as far as the developed countries go, I've not been aware of any such rights that only men can have. On the contrary, there are many that advantage women.

    • That's pretty much the case. As for the Middle East, there is a discrepancy. But western feminists would rather keep those middle eastern women oppressed while they do nothing to help them out, just so they can say "Look at the Middle East; there's oppression against women in the world, that's why we still need feminism." Meanwhile they spend millions of dollars waging a war on petty double standards and whatever-shaming. And keeping this horrible divide-and-conquer scheme to turn women and men against each other.

  • First of all, don't be offensive against Nazis.
    Those who are contributors of failure of feminism are labelled as feminazi by the people LIKE YOU who indirectly offended the innocent Nazis to proove yourself right.

    Second, feminism will not ameliorate the status of men because feminism did nothing for men. So, how can you expect the support from us?

    Third, you want to stop us so that you could chase us. (See no.2)

    Fourth, how we are ahead? Can you mention any right that men have but not women?

    Fifth, what are your views on egalitarianism? Do you support it or not?
    If yes then why did you choose feminism and if no then it clearly prooves the real intentions of feminists.

    You allowed comments so I am expecting your reply.

    • "Those who are contributors of failure of feminism are labelled as feminazi by the people LIKE YOU who indirectly offended the innocent Nazis to proove yourself right."
      i don't understand this much. i think here you mean that those feminazis are innocent and that it is our fault that there are feminazis.
      i do admit that it is the fault of feminism in the USA that they aren't lining up agaist feminazis.

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    • Oh I see what you mean.

    • @AshleyMD - You're smart ;)

  • What you said about "snowperson" is equality, not putting women superior. and I have constantly heard the term feminazi mean any woman wanting equal rights, especially when it is that fat guy on the radio (Rush) talking. Any woman wants to be treated equally is a feminazii. Sio you may have heard it used differently, but I hate even hearing the term because it is often used as a put down on any feminist movement

  • let's see. "Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women"
    Hence feminism isn't one idea, but many. Therefore it's also safe to say that anyone working towards those specific goals can be considered a feminist, no matter the way they do it. Hence also why radical feminsim is indeed feminism.
    Moving on; it's clear from the way it's formulated that it's all about working on it from a woman's perspective and solving women's problems. Is that working for equalism? NOPE, not by a long shot!

    And please, read up on feminist history. You'll soon find out that feminism has ALWAYS been radical! Yes, it has achieved good things, but every radical movement need to either die, or see itself become the villain.

    You want equality? Then fight for EQUALISM! Not FEMInism! Even the very word is gender biased! Also, why would we guys support an ideology with no room for us but a means to compare if the women are equal enough? No, for REAL equality you need a compeltely gender neutral movement where women and men work side by side with an united and equal voice. And above all else, you need to fucking accept men and women are different!

  • I gotta love all these takes and threads all trying to say, "Hey, wait! Just because I'm a feminist doesn't mean I'm a bitch/utter loser!"

    A dictionary definition doesn't change what reality is. The reality that quite a few men have experienced--otherwise you wouldn't write this take--is that feminists are flat out pretty awful women to deal with.

    • seeing under age feminists is more laughable than the takes. ask them something about the history of the first wave feminism and tell them how the theories of second wave feminism changes the society and their brains will stop working.

      All they have been told is that, feminism = men and women's equality

      feminism was always just good to fool the simplest of women.

  • The vast majority of Feminism is rotten to the core!

    Posts like this do more harm the good, they give credibility and fool well meaning good people into believing that Feminism is in fact about equality. When in reality every single part of Feminism with any social or political power is no different then any other bigoted hate movement humans just can't seem to stop fabricating.

    How about instead of being stuck to a label and Feminist echo chambers you go and do something honest but uncomfortable, get a good personal understanding of what exactly the problems with Feminism are.

    • OP is only 15 years old. Of course she has no understanding of the history of the movement. She is young and most likely still an idealist.

    • ah I missed that, ty.

    • Posts like this are MEANT to fool people into thinking that feminism is for equality. It is called propaganda.

  • Have you heard of the 'no true Scotsman' fallacy?

    • People resort to calling everything a fallacy, but I seriously think there's a fallacy designed for calling everything a fallacy.

    • @Mesonfielde Just because an observation is annoying, that doesn't make it a fallacy.

  • The entire premises of this article is wrong as both feminists and femiNAZIs are the same exact thing, they are both "feminists" no matter what their views are. Its just like Obama quoted in the 2008 elections...

    "you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig"

  • "After this huge, great evolution and leap to the gender equality, something happened".

    Have you ever seen a child with parent in a store where a child wants his/her parent to buy him/her something, but the parent refuses and a child starts yelling, crying and so on? If the parent actually buys the item, the child will see it as a way to achieve whatever the hell he/she wants by using this method.

    At the very beginning it was indeed a noble movement, since preventing someone from doing something (such as going to the university or being able to get some specific job) _solely_ because of gender is indeed unfair. Those demands were seen as reasonable and were met.

    Now, however, feminists learned that they can achieve things through the means of bitching and annoyance, just like that kid at the store. Literally. I mean I sometimes hear feminists moaning that there are not enough (for example) female CEO's in big business. Now a sane person would wonder: so? Get a degree, take a big ass loan, take a huge risk, make a plan, establish a company, work your ass off 24/7 for years and become a CEO. What's the problem? Men do it. Some fail, some succeed. Sounds about right, correct?

    Well, this is not how feminist mind works. Just like the kid gets spoiled if it gets things by bitching, the feminists got spoiled as well. What's the point in working your ass off if you can just start bashing men for not (now just think for a minute how hilarious it sounds!) giving away head positions for just having a cunt. In Norway they even established "pussy quotas" where it states that on a legal level ratio of male:female employees should be somewhat equal. Think about it: they're basically forced to fulfill those quotas at the cost of possible quality.

    Once you spoil a child, it's very, very hard to get it back on track.

    So you will never change minds of sane humans. Feminism is a social cancer, nothing else.

    And while there are "male feminists", short term for them is "mangina".

    • You wish death upon them. And you talk as if you're better than feminists. I am pretty disappointed, you seemed like you were really going somewhere with this post. But just because you have a sour taste in your mouth and whine, doesn't mean you don't make valid points. Like your point that women get appointed as CEO's in business simply for being female, and also the paternity testing in France. I agree with that being absolute crap. I believe women should be allowed the same tools as men: Education, equal pay for equal experience, respect in the workplace. That sort of thing. but anything like what you are describing, getting handouts just for being a woman, and paternity testing being restricted from men, is just BS. I believe paternity tests should be open option for the father and mother alike.

    • @dweebett
      I said that feminists demand women being appointed as CEOs, not that they are getting actually appointed as CEOs.

      What I said is not BS: it is basically how western feminists operate. Any more or less civilized country already granted equality to it's women. I know my country did entire _century_ ago. So original movement is no longer needed. But after having the taste of getting things that you want, it's really hard to stop. Just like that child in a store. So feminists are absolutely full of shit.

      Although I'm kinda happy they're that damn strong in EU and NA: they are doing an amazing job at crippling those countries from inside, so I don't really want them to stop. I just hope this cancer won't spread to other countries (such as mine) though.

  • I don't care about the differences. Both deserve an old fashioned backhand.


    • this made me laugh.
      this is exactly what i am talking sbout. in those days women used to get smacked and it was funny.
      now in movies men are the ones who get smacked

  • All heil titler

  • True, but to clear things out, feminism doesn't advocate for gender equality, they look for female equality to men. It's not the same to fight for both genders than to fight just for women. Men are inferior to women in some aspects, and feminism doesn't fight for that.
    I support feminism, but don't say that feminism fights for both genders when it only fights for one. Egalitarianism is the one that fights for both.

    I liked the Take, though, just that was what I didn't like.

  • I think that its funny that femiNazis claim they want gender equality and then call men pigs
    I also think that its funny that they call men dogs when dog are super loyal

    • i call a man i know a dog because he is very loyal to his GF even if she hurts him and i want to help him out of that realtionship

  • Femanazi? Nein nein nein nein nein (No in German) nein nein!!!


  • Feminazis are invented by butthurt macho guys.

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  • except you failed to mention that the feminist party and all the authoritative powers of feminism have sided with the dark side (feminazi) and the feminist movement has now all but fallen, they are no longer following their mission and vision, they have deviated from their original purpose and now attempt to damn the world in fem-domination..

    as far as i'm concerned feminism is now a lost cause, its time for another movement, a true equalist movement

    • in the USA, this is true, but in the middle east it is helping a lot.
      in egypt women still get harassed and treated like objects and they can do nothing about it, now they are speaking up

  • The reason I dislike feminism is because feminists almost always pick and choose what they like.

    "The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

    In other words, feminists tend to choose rights or issues where women are disadvantaged, and try to make them equal to men.

    BUT, for the issues where women are advantaged over men, there is nary a word spoken, and you will be crucified for even mentioning it.

    I've seen it too often, and that's why I don't consider myself to be a feminist.

    • You should look up egalitarianism! It's all about equality for every race, gender, creed, religion, etc., etc.. it doesn't leave/exclude anything out.

    • We wish more women were as intelligent as you :)

  • I am an equalist:)

  • As the dictionary says:

    Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities


    Really the fact that you even need to make this take demonstrates how stupid people actually are. I am with you on this one, as seen in a lot of the comments people don't WANT to understand.

    And also.. feminazi's are very rare I think. At least I have never met one, nor do I know anyone who is like this.

    • People are basing their ideas of feminism on it's actions not it's definition.

      The fact that the definition is constantly used as "proof" of it's intentions when it's actions are the opposite, "demonstrates how stupid people actually are" <--- see what I did there.

      There is no need to "understand" the definition, there is a need to live up to it!
      You are right feminazi's are rare. The endless list of horrible actions by the group are not by feminazis, they are by feminist.

    • endless list of horrible actions?

    • Also it is not about actions. It is about using the right word in the right context. I can tell the actions of people who call themselves Muslim are violent and are in fact terrorists but this doesn't tell me that the definition of being a Muslim is a terrorist. But also stating that a terrorist is ultimately a muslim is not right. So you saying that feminazi's are feminists is not true. People just misdefine them. And this article is about the definition and where to use which word.

  • In US we can't do anything right. Unions, healthcare, why should feminism be any different. Step out of this ridiculous bubble for a Moment and you see femisim in its finest form. Take the Middle East, Russia and many other Male chauvinistic societies for example.

  • Feminism was always a radical movement.

    Read the history of your movement first then write about it.

  • As far as shaving and make up goes , i don't see it as oppressive but i do think society should be more accepting to women who choose not to shave or wear make up. Its a matter of personal choice.

    • I also think people tend to forget that feminism is a branch off equalism. They work hand in hand.

    • This. Sometimes women are really seen as sloppy if they don't wear make-up or wear perfectly girly clothing, but they do wash themselves.

  • I agree.

    I normally say I disagree with feminism because feminism usually means feminazi.
    For instance, I totally support women being paid the same as men. However, if a woman goes on maternity for a year, she shouldn't return to that job on the pay she was on before. Men only have 2 weeks, and lets face it - your employer had to replace you for a year.
    Women should have the same basic rights as men but some need to be bended on gender. Not being horrible, just being truthful.

    I love this post, you had absolutely hit the nail on the head. Well done hun

    • Maternity is different because men can't get pregnant, nor do they have a natural bodily reason that they would need to leave for that amount of time (excluding injuries.) Pregnant women go on leave because they need the rest for the health of the baby. That being a law could be detrimental to a single mother who leaves work to have her child, and than has her pay cut right after the baby is born. Babies are expensive, and than having less money for working hard hours, and than working again when you get home to care for the baby? I don't know. That doesn't seem fair, since most men don't necessarily have that exact scenario of giving birth.

    • Yes however there are laws in place specifying the longer you are off the more you lose.
      Feminism should be about equality not superiority. @dweebett

  • "Feminazis are racist women who are doing exactly the opposite of what men a long time ago used to do"
    in your argument , dont you mean exactly the same of what med used to do.

    i do not have an opinion but this sentence doesn't seem right to me since its contradictory.

  • There's a lot of sexist men on here...

  • Feminazi are bullies and degrades men. Seen a few here doing that. A lack of coherent thought to argue sensibly. :P

  • Feminism is equality, for women AND men. The word itself is used because people used to believe that the female sex was weaker. That's where the name comes from. Eg: crying/ showing emotions. If a man does that, it is often seen as weak, "only women do that" "grow up, be a man!!" Feminism wants to say no to that, we belive that a man has the right to cry without being seen as weak or unmanly, men have the right to be stay at home dads, boys have the right to do "female sports" like ballet. So feminism is acctually for men too. The name is just misleading. And all the things you describe is not what feminism is about.

    You are just afraid, aren't you? You feel threatened because you think you won't be in control or you think you will be controlled and become less manly. In reality, we are all puppets of the governement.

    • Shhhhhhhh

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    • Am I afraid of radical feminists running this government? YES. Am I afraid of the government losing control to their irrationality? YES. Am i afraid of even their influence? YESSSSSS. And rightfully so. They are polluting Universities now.

    • Yeah, I know!

      Im glad the mining, oil rigging, construction and other dangerous/high risk industries are just teaming with women. Like, women are so equal now they companies prefer to hire women over men in all of these sectors!

      Its amazing! Only thing is, they must be invisible, cause I dont see them.

  • *Double face palm activated after looking at the opinion section, not directed at the take.*

  • Aaaare you asking us for spelling advice?

  • I shave my legs so that I won't look like a bear lol

  • I think that the words racist and sexist were mixed up in this take

  • Feminism= fights for equal rights not just rights for women...

  • Thank you so much for this. I'm a feminist and I'm always trying to tell people this.

  • I don't believe there should be a distinction.
    Yes there are some abrasive and ignorant radicals and some quieter less angry feminist, but they all believe in the same ideology.
    They believe the misinformation and re-spew it whenever they are given the opportunity. Wage-gap, rape stats, DV... these are all misinformed crap that they believe in.
    You NEVER see a feminist speak up when they get something for being female that men don't or speak up when men are being discriminated against.

    If you speak to a NAFALT (Not all feminist are like that) you will eventually discover that they in some way are actually not for equality, they will just tell you they are.

    I fight to stop actual inequality. I speak up when men are being mistreated as well as women. I don't try and stop men from having a voice. I don't believe in the hype for either side. Never belief a statistic at face value, check how it was done and make sure there was an equal and fair study done.
    But I do not and will not accept the title of feminist, because I don't agree with the political bullying and underhanded lies that is part of the ideology itself.

  • this feminism thing is getting on my nerves... something from 80s :)

    • why though? in old movies it was very normal to hit women. now in those movies it is funny to hit guys, but people still fuss about it as if it a bad thing to do and think the old movies were funny

    • @notgoodwithnames
      In today's world it is very normal and accepted to hit men... and violently. You see it tv, in movies, in ads, etc. Why is that ok? There is zero push back to stop this, it is accepted, it is "funny", no one makes a fuss about it.
      What happened in old movies is irrelevant today, and in today's world you will NOT see a male hit a female in media unless it is to push propaganda or the character is a "monster" of a human being.

    • Where do you see that it is accepted to hit men? Please state this with facts or a scientific article that tells me this has become more accepted, because I haven't heard about this or anyone telling me this except people on this site.

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