The most remarkable action movie in 2014; John Wick

My suggestion for ur coming weekend;the most remarkable action movie in 2014;John Wick....

I want to review John Wick which is almost completely different from the 'revenge' action movies in many aspects, especially in it's thematic mood...I really recommend it for your weekend and I gurantee you won't regret watching it ;)

Our main character is John Wick played by Keanu Reeves; and his mere partner is Willem Dafoe...John Wick is a mob hit man who quit his job when he came across and marry with his dream woman. But afterwards he lost her and then he had choose to live alone with his dog which came to his door when he lost her wife.

He started to live a lonely life with his car and dog in his home, and he is just busy with some routines. He hasn't got almost any connection with people after her. Till that night!

While he was driving around and buying some stuff for home, he stops to buy gas. And a gangester likes his car, asks it's price. Wick says; 'it's not for sale' and this reaction made this young boy more angry.

The next night this young boy who wanted to buy car and his gangester friends enter his home and kill his dog, broke windows and hurt him...You can see the fire of revenge in his eyes in this pic ;)

The next day; there was only one thing in his mind; 'revenge'...

He prepars himself to go and take his revenge from these guys, his (young boy) father learned his son made a mistake and called the Wick and time was too late to turn back and he understood John is coming ...

The problem isn't only losing a dog; or losing a car...The problem is John Wick has lost his values; these values aren't materialistic. They damaged his feelings.

After this point, he never counted any possibility to lose anything in his life; because he already lost everything that he had! In this revenge way; you can see in the picture he is coming a hotel where gangesters settle there and there are many different issues waiting him ;)

I really want to say something about atmosphere and the dark mood of movie; director mirrored the city mood perfect; and all action scenes are magnificence! I gurantee you will be happy about qualified actions moments and enjoy them...Otherwise, I love the sountrack which suit on scenes well and use of colours throughout the movie...These details make the movie different than other classical action movies and especially story of John Wick adds more emotional drama features into the movie...

Reeves isn't a classical action movie actor; but believe me he acts well in action scenes! This stems from his talents...Action starts from the early middle of movie and never stops! Tension and actiono are getting bigger and bigger in every minute...

I don't want to give any spoiler and ruin the mood of people who don't watch it yet but this scene is one of the most cool moments in the movie! You will understand what I mean while watching it ;)

My favourite quote here;

# Oh no! it's just a dog.

No; it's not o.O

At first sight, it may seem a poor, classical action movie but thanks to Reeves's incredible high talented features add too much on movie, his dark mood never change during the movie and spectators can feel his strong character profoundly in every second of it. That's why it is becoming the most shining and successful action movie of the year in his hands...With him, it becomes a surprising and remarkable one.

How can iIskip the soundtrack? There are lots of amazing songs in the movie! And here you can witness a piece of the movie. Honestly, I tried not to give more than what trailer give, thus I hope noone will be offended by hearing some spoilers from me, and I hope I won't ruin your mood to watch it ;)

My favourite Quotes;

# In a bar, I once saw him kill three men... with a pencil.

# People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer, but yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.

# People don't change. Times do.

I hope you enjoyed myTake; ty for reading :)


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  • It's good, had some great parts, but it wasn't the best in my opinion

    • After the Matrix; yeah not the best :D but qualified; and when we count about his age; movie is really amazing ;)

    • Yes he is getting up there in age, I watched him for years since the 80s. He is a great actor, but in John Wick, they could of had a better reason for him killing off everyone like maybe they accidentally killed his girlfriend during the home invasion or something equally terrible. It would of made the vengeance much better in my opinion

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  • I've been meaning to watch John Wick but I haven't yet.

  • Saw this movie. Was warned there would be puppy death. Cried hysterically when it happened anyways.


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  • I don't know why lots of people seem to hate Keanu Reeves...
    And also, he is good in action movies... ever seen The Matrix lol?

    • Probably it is about some unlucky movies like 47 Ronin or Man of Tai Chi... These 2 latest movies are really not disappointing for me but John Wick is SO good ;) I guess people's views about him have been changed in time and you know when our opinions have changed;they never be like before :) Sadly and i agree with you; he is really good at action movies also;despite his age ;)

  • I've never seen it but want to

    • I highly recommend it bro ;) u won't regret to watch; enjoy from now ^_^ and ty for ur interest