I am bored!! What should I do?

I am bored!! What should I do??

We all get bored sometimes, it’s part of our existence. In my opion there is a connection between fear, boreness and despression. Boreness can lead to fear. By being alone – or simple not having something to do – can boreness evolute to depression. A depression can like anyone know lead to thoughts about suicide. Of course boreness isn’t always the reason for fear and depression but it’s good to take this in mind.

Being bored is I’ve noticed for some the reason to ask them to rate them. But what if the comments aren’t liked you hoped for?? This can push you even more in the blackness of life. So in this myTake I want to give some other ideas what to do when you are bored.


· Find intresting blogs on internet and read them. Or maybe you can start a blog yourself. You can choose for any topic what intrest you and write about that. You can add pictures, clips or links…simple said you can make it like you want it to be.

· Read other my Takes or write one yourself.

· Change your profile here on GAG or other communities you use.

· Listen to your favourite band onine or maybe more intresting listen to bands or singers you don’t know yet. You can ask friends for suggestions, if you have foreign friends you can discover some surprising good bands you haven’t heared from before.

· Internet is full of movies, watch a movie you haven’t watch yet or watch one of your favourites again. You can also use this time to improve your knowledge by watching an intresting documentaires online. Or watch funny or intresting movies on youtube for example.

· Onine there are a lot websites where you can win little prizes but also big ones, just give it a change maybe you win something.


· Read a book or a magazine.

· Maybe you can try to write your own book, or start with a short story.

· Write poetry, to get inspired read read some poetry First.

· Clean your room/house or re-decorate it.

· Collect your favourite recipes and put them together in your own cooking book.

· Write a real letter to your grandmother, grandfather, parents, borther, sister, friend…

· Make your own postcards… you can even start already with making Christmas cards.

· Collect pictures from magazines and make your own art from it.

· Think about where you wanna go this summer….and maybe you can plan your holiday already.

· Write a bucketlist and start right away with it.

· Watch old pictures of yourself or your family.

· Write a letter to yourself and read it in 5 years.


· Make your own garden with herbs and vegetables. Don’t you have garden, you can do it too on the balcony or inside.

· Go for a walk with or without your dog, friend, partner, parent, child… You can make pictures durin your walk.

· Act ike a tourist in your own city or country, go to places tourists go to and just be one with them. You can even walk through your city and pay more attention then you normally do to the buildings, monuments and other thigns you pass. You can even take yoru camera with you and make pictures. When your city isn’t touristic just go to some places you haven’t been yet…maybe there’s a new museum, restaurant, cafe…

· Do some sport. Go running, swimming, cycling or go to the gym.

· Do something out of yoru comfortzone (nude beach??)

· Be creative, go painting for example.

· Learn another language. There enough online courses to learn a new language. Or learn another skill.

· Finish unfinished things.

More fun ones

· Go to the city centre and be a living statue …don’t forget to bring a hat for the coins ;-)

· Go outside when it is raining and sing “it’s raining men” (or another rain related song), record it and post it on you tube.

· Write down all numbers from zero to a million…that will take some time for sure.

· Make pictures of your pets, familymembers, partner, roommate, or just random stuff inside.

· Annoy the people around by walking around the table till they get crazy.

· Call people and tell them that thee’s a pig in their garden, or sing a birthday song for them …there many other funny things to do when you call them.

· Write on every piece of toiletpaper a message for the next user.

· Talk in public to your invisble friend or walk with your invisble dog.

· Build a tower of every thing you can use.

· Put your cat in the oven. NO!! That was a joke!

· Dance like Shakira in front of the mirror.

· Walk through the ciy and take someone hand and tell them “I see dead people”.

· Pull out someone hair and shout “DNA”.

I hope I have given some ideas what do to when you are bored. I am sure everyone can come up with some other things to do when you are bored, feel free to share them in your comment.

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  • - Wax the ceiling
    - Rearrange political campaign signs
    - Sharpen your teeth
    - Play Houdini with one of your siblings
    - Braid your dog's hair
    - Clean and polish your belly button
    - Water your dog... see if he grows
    - Wash a tree
    - Knight yourself
    - Name your child Edsel
    - Scare Stephen King
    - Give your cat a mohawk
    - Purr
    - Mow your carpet
    - Play Pat Boone records backwards
    - Vacuum your lawn
    - Sleep on a bed of nails
    - DON'T toss and turn
    - Boil ice cream
    - Run around in squares
    - Think of quadruple entendres
    - Speak in acronyms
    - Have your pillow X-rayed
    - Drink straight shots... of water
    - Calmly have a nervous breakdown
    - Give your goldfish a perm
    - Fly a brick
    - Play tag... on West 35th Street
    - Exorcise a ghost
    - Exercise a ghost
    - Be blue
    - Be red
    - But don't be orange
    - Plant a shoe
    - Sweat
    - Give a Rorschach test to your gerbil
    - Turn
    - Write a letter to Plato
    - Mail it
    - Take your sofa for a walk
    - Start
    - Stop
    - Dial 911 and breathe heavily
    - Go to a funeral... tell jokes
    - Play the piano... with mittens on
    - Scheme
    - Sit
    - Stay
    - Water your family room
    - Cause a power failure
    - Roll over
    - Play dead
    - Find a witch
    - Burn her
    - Donate your brother's body to science
    - Ask why
    - Wriggle
    - Regress
    - Sleepwalk without sleeping
    - Try to join Hell's Angels by mail
    - Wonder
    - Be a square root
    - Ask stupid questions
    - Weld your car doors shut
    - Spew
    - Vacation at Three-Mile Island
    - Surf Ohio
    - Teach your pet rock to play dead
    - Go bowling for small game
    - Be a monk... for a day
    - Wear a sweatband to your wedding
    - Staple
    - Run away
    - Intimidate a piece of chalk
    - Abuse the plumbing
    - Bend a florescent light
    - Bend a brick
    - Annoy total strangers
    - Let the best man win
    - Believe in Santa Claus
    - Throw marshmallows against the wall
    - Hold an ice cube as long as possible
    - Adopt strange mannerisms
    - Blow up a balloon until it pops
    - Sing soft and sweet and clear
    - Sing loud and sour and gravely
    - Open everything
    - Balance a pencil on your nose
    - Pour milk in your shoes
    - Write graffiti under the rug
    - Embarrass yourself
    - Grind your teeth
    - Chew ice
    - Count your belly button
    - Sit in a row
    - Stack crumbs
    - Gesture
    - Save your toenail clippings
    - Make a pass at your blender
    - Punt
    - Make up words that start with X
    - Make oatmeal in the bathtub
    - Search for the Lost Chord
    - Chew on a sofa cushion
    - Sing a duet
    - Balance a pillow on your head
    - Hold your breath
    - Faint
    - Stretch
    - Flash your mailman
    - Teach your TA English
    - Learn to speak Farsi
    - Swear in Russian


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  • boredom is my best friend.
    i absolutely love the "tourist in your own city" point! i am definitely going to try it

  • nice tips lol especially the last one

  • thanks 4 writing this!


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