10 Boredom Habits: What Do YOU Do When You're Bored?

We all have experienced that feeling of things taking forever and we all hate it. It's boredom. Most of us humans have habits and things we do or have done when we are coping with the torture. This list contains habits many people do when they're bored:

That feeling when the boredom is haunting you and it feels like forever. It's something most of us can relate to.

1) Taps fingers

It's very important to not forget to put the most common habit in the list. That infamous classic finger tapping is something you see everywhere when people are bored.

I can't make a list about habits people have when they're bored without adding the classic things "everybody" knows about. There are always people who tap their fingers when they are bored. Perhaps it's your bored coworker in your office that annoys you with the tapping, or the nervous student in your class. Anyway, they are equally annoyed by their boredom as you might be annoyed when it comes to their tapping sounds. We all have seen the "dancing" fingers.

2) Stacking books and building towers

Stacking books in school time is a common childhood memory. It was an activity that relieved the boredom.

In many classes there's always a naughty kid who gets bored easily. But the boredom doesn't stop their creativity. Either they stack books or make towers of objects they find in the room. It goes well so long as the stacks or towers don't fall and disturb the class. Then they might get in trouble. But at least it was fun as long it lasted and helped you getting through the boredom.

3) Biting nails

Beauty? Screw it. Making something happen is way more important.

Sometimes appearances aren't that important, because there are even more important things in certain situations. You just have to make something happen when waiting; to help the boredom pass, biting nails is the solution. At least it makes the time go a bit faster.

4) Playing with hair

Sometime your hair is your hero. Perhaps you makes some rhymes or word-plays when you're playing with your hair. Hair, here, heir, her...

If you are a long-haired person, your hair is your hero. Especially girls are seeing this as a solution. Sometimes it's an advantage to have long hair, because you carry it everywhere and it might work as a little entertainment in emergency situations.

5) Drawing something random

Sometimes you can spend your waiting times doing something creative.

If you are an artist or just a creative person, some paper and a pencil is your savior. When you're bored, the weirdest and most random things take place on the paper. It works as a painkiller when you're waiting for something and the boredom can't haunt you.

6) Yawn

When you have nothing to do or distract yourself with when you're bored, and aren't permitted to do something else, a yawn or two may appear. The only thing you have to do is survive the torture of the boredom, and maybe count how many times you yawn.

It's not only humans that yawn.

7) Daydreaming

Daydreaming is almost like watching a movie and you can use your creativity.

Creativity and fantasies are something boredom can't kill. Daydreaming is almost like watching a movie but you have control over it. It's pretty much entertaining. Then you have the opportunity to think about something funny or your biggest dream in your life. Perhaps you can spend some time philosophizing too, if you're that kind of type.

8 ) Seeing everything with a dirty mind

It's a benefit that people aren't mind-readers sometimes.

We all know that guy or gal who thinks of everything in a dirty way, especially when the boredom is taking over. Even the most innocent objects are turned into something inappropriate and there are no exorcists that can stop it. But it gets rid of the misery the boredom gives them, so it works regardless of how stupid the method sounds for certain people. Seeing everything with a different vision than you normally do might be a funny experience for some kind of people.

Even the innocent school lunch can be seen as something else, if you get bored enough.

9) Plucking eyebrows

Waiting at the bus is great when you have something useful to do.

Sometimes it's a smart choice to use your time rationally. It's a good opportunity to get things done when you're bored and waiting for somebody. Why not spend some time working on your appearance and making you feel fresher?

10) Funny faces

A good laugh improves the life. Screw boring teachers.

Do you remember that time you went to school and the subject was so boring you couldn't resist? Most pupils have done something similar to cope with the boredom. The teacher was probably busy with writing at the blackboard, and then you and your school mate would have some fun. Funny faces and eye contact was a good way to solve the problem. From what I've experienced, best friends received funny stares and faces from each other, something which made the whole class laugh. It happened frequently in the math and science classes when I went to school.

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  • masturbate over and over again.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dating apps, wanking, listen to music, random exercises, gym, run, read a book or mag, play games, browse the internet (this is dangerously good cause it always lasts for hours for me!). Though I find when I'm bored I can get in a cleaning mood really easily and get my flat in better shape :)


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  • Masturbate!

  • You forgot eating and endlessly searching through youtube/netflix without actually choosing anything to watch.

  • Yes I am guilty of the drawing, daydreaming, dirty mind and funny faces - If I can I try and sleep or maybe just think about things.

  • I'm almost always daydreaming, that's why I'm never bored :P

  • Wow no wonder people always catch me when I'm bored.

  • Thank god I have never bit my nails. It's unappetizing.

  • I log into GAG.

  • Drink, drugs, gamble, pace around the house, watch the weather network over and over again, talk to myself, wrestle the dog, take out a lazer pointer and get the cat and dog to chase it until they run into each other, give the cat some catnip, eat food, look up useless information... I have a lot of time on my hands...

  • I hope I can draw I am afraid of tapping fingers cause that make heart more fretful, I lose daydream I guess.

  • Get stoned.

  • The ones of these that I do are yawn (obviously) and make funny faces. Also I eat when I'm bored