100 Things To Do, When Bored

100 Things To Do, When Bored

Are you bored, of course you are, that's why you are here most of the time. And you WILL read this, because you were PROBABLY bored when you clicked this link, right? RIIIIIIIGHHHHTTTT?

100 Things To Do, When Bored

1. Clean out your closet

2. Iron your wrinkled clothes

3. Clean out your car

4. Go for a walk

5. Create/Update your resume

6. Volunteer

7. Look up new hairstyles and try them

8. Help somebody with their homework

9. Try a new food recipe

10. Trim your fingernails (I’m adding this because some people just don’t do it)

11. Arrange the products in your bathroom

12. Read your college textbook before class, so you are aware what will be discussed

13. Give your pet a bath

14. Read/watch the news to stay updated on current events

15. Do your laundry

16. Clean your kitchen counter tops

17. Watch an educational documentary

18. Conquer your greatest fear, if possible

19. Go shopping for new clothes for work, school, or just for fun

20. Make your bed

21. Text or call friends or family members whom you have been putting off, calling and texting

22. Ask your family/friends if they need help with anything

23. Try learning a new language (Visit duolingo.com)

24. Plan a road trip to somewhere, if possible

25. Read a novel

26. Throw away old mail that you don’t need

27. Clear your inbox

28. Try Yoga, you can look up videos on YouTube

29. Delete apps that you don’t need from your phone

30. Schedule the appointment that you have been putting off

31. Finish filling out that forum that you need to hand in!

32. Sharpen all the dull pencils in your house and put them in a cup, on a table.

33. Join a self-defense class

34. Plan out what you want to get for loved ones for the holidays and birthdays

35. Delete photos from your phone that you don’t need

36. Paint your house or room

37. Water your plants

38. Paint your nails (For girls and some guys)

39. Practice your Math

40. Learn a definition of a new word/words

41. Learn to spell new or old words

42. Paint a picture

43. Rearrange all your books at home

44. Clean out your drawers

45. Ask the first person you see outside, out to lunch!

46. Scan your PC/smartphones for viruses

47. Make some origamis

48. Take some pottery classes

49. Ask your loved ones how there day is/was going?

50. Clean out your backpack

51. Clean under yer bed!

52. Learn something new about the human body

53. Gather and donate old clothes/shoes

54. Start lifting weights

55. Do some squats

56. Donate money to your favorite charity

57. Do your computer a favor and update whatever you have been putting off

58. Read about a historical figure

59. Go to a museum

60. Find out something interesting about your city

61. Research the history of different religions

62. Watch a Disney movie that you haven’t seen

63. Go for a long drive

64. Buy a homeless person a meal

65. Listen to a song in another language

66. Check out the subreddit “todayilearned”

67. Tell your siblings to get off their devices and play hide and seek with them

68. Write a story

69. Watch some movies or shows on Netflix (check out the show called scrubs)

70. Take 10 selfies, make a collage and send it to your mother

71. Create a secret handshake with your friends and try it in front of a stranger

72. Decide your future children’s names

73. Read a scary story to your sibling

74. Look up unsolved cases on google and make your own opinions

75. Make friends with the dog who always barks at you when you pass it.

76. Improve your typing skills

77. Make some smores

78. Buy some giant chalks and draw stuff on the side walk

79. Read a comic book

80. Buy a new video game

81. Have a water balloon fight in your backyard

82. Return your overdue library books and pay the fees

83. Plant some flowers in your backyard

84. Clean out your garage

85. Fly a kite

86. Count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop

87. Wash your car

88. Buy a bike and go riding

89. Try to eat healthier

90. Make a time capsule

91. Start collecting something

92. Buy a bird house!

93. Laugh 351 times a day

94. Drive somewhere using a paper map, instead of your GPS

95. Help your grandparents with their computers

96. Learn some tongue twisters

97. Make someone laugh

98. Go fishing (I always wanted to go, haven’t yet)

99. Try a vegetable that you don’t like

100. Finally, go on GirlsaskGuys.com


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  • I think I will keep a copy of that list for future reference if I ever feel bored


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  • Great list saving this for next time that I am bored.