How do I stop my skates from leaning inwards?

Hey! So I recently got hockey skates. They're not too big or wide or anything, however, when I skate, my feet still tilt inwards. I'm a beginner by the way. My skates are Bauer Nexus 66 skates. There was this video I was watching that talked about skates and stuff and why your feet my tilt inwards. Obviously size isn't one of those factors. Could it just be me? Or could it be that the skates can't support my weight, that they're not "stiff" enough. I'm 5"4 and 121 pounds, so are these skates just not fit for me? My parents can't afford anything more expensive so I'm hoping this isn't the problem. :/ Any advice or opinions on this? I know how to stop and the proper skating motion though, but stopping takes a while cause my feet are already tilted in T-T. Please help!


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  • I'm not sure about hockey skates, but I did used to do figure skating. Also, I assume when you say your skates are leaning inwards, you mean your ankles are leaning inwards? That's a pretty common issue, and is nearly always because people weren't fitted properly. I know that you say size isn't an issue, but were you fitted for your skates? If you're buying your first pair, then there might be tiny size issues you don't see.

    Test your skates by pushing your feet as hard as possible to the front. Some people kick against a wall. Then, try inserting fingers into the gap in the back. Two fingers is perfect. Anything over three is far too big.

    Also, make sure you're lacing tight enough. When figure skating, we need to have flexibility in our ankle, so perhaps hockey skaters need to have even tighter lacing. undo all the laces, and re thread if you have to.

    If it's definitely not size, then I'm afraid it's probably the boot, and you'll have to consider getting stiffer boots. Failing that, you need to work own your ankle and lower leg strength.

    • I tried fitting my fingers in the back and i fit in 2 - almost three, but when I tighten my skates, I tighten them a lot. The person at the store who helped us out said that the skates should be perfect, anything smaller would be too tight and anything bigger would be too loose. My foot has a weird size :P It's hard finding shoes that fit for it so skates are obviously more harder. I think i need to work on my ankle and lower leg strength? When I roller bladed, standing still, my roller blades would be straight but when i started to actually move, i'd lean them in a bit - same thing with my skates now :/ . Thank you so much for your answer!

    • Yeah, definitely weak ankles then. Good luck :)

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  • I think it is probably just you not distributing your weight/balance properly