Is the lack of empathy from women to males a natural female state?

I'm not trying to offend or bad mouth females first off. This is just my research into the matter and is NOT meant as an attack.

Something I've notice here, on other sites, at work, on tv and in the real world is that women lack empathy towards males. For example when a man is venting about women females in general can NOT see that the guy is in pain. Many women will even try to piss him off even more by saying "you'r just bittter" or "you hate women". That's not really helping the guy and some of that is why we have more depressed men on the internet. Men don't get the same help and comform that women get in times of need.

The frustration builds in men untill the explode. Many MRA and Redpill men aren't misogynists. They are men that searched for help and never got it. They became almost autistic in how hyperlogical they can be. Women don't see this or care to understand it. Many women just take the easy way by calling suffering men misogynists.

This is why I've started researching female bioloogical nature. I don't think women are doing it to be evil. I think women evolved in such a way that they don't have strong empathy for males in general. Women look towards men to be the providor and/or protector. They look to men to be the rock and by showing men empathy would be to look down on him. Women don't like the feeling of having a weak men so they don't give men as much empathy.

Also think of it like this. Do humans have empathy to god? No, Do children show empathy towards their parents? No. Women want to look up to men and you can't have empathy towards a powerful being you look up to.


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  • I think there is a lack of empathy because of conditioning and because of linguistic preferences. When a guy is hurt, he hardly ever SOUNDS hurt. He sounds pissed off and mean. I think that's why we tend to respond harshly because he just seems really... mean and it's kind of hard to be empathetic towards someone who seems to really hate women. Now if a guy appears to be sad or is crying, I think it's -far- easier to be empathetic towards him, but the problem here is is that guys rarely exhibit these clear forms of being hurt. So it's kind of all lost in translation.

    I think your ideas about the evolutionary value of a man being the protector and always giving off the appearance of strength make a lot of sense.

    I show empathy towards my parents, and have done so from a young age. Women can empathize with men, we don't just look up to them and expect them to solve every problem in the world lol. You make men sound superhuman- which of course is nothing near the truth. Male vulnerability is just strange to see because you guys have been conditioned not to show it. That in addition to HOW that vulnerability is displayed makes it difficult to "see" what's really happening.

    • So, I'm just going to throw this out there, but the point of empathy is that you can relate to how they feel. SO if you can't figure it out from his natural response, then you lack empathy. You're saying that men should react in a way that YOU can relate to which is not empathy. I mean... it's close in some ways, but that's also the problem. There's no full and true compassion.

      Also, he never said or acted like men were superhuman. He was talking about dynamics. The way that women WANT to view men. Not what they actually do. We're conditioned not to show vulnerability because of this dynamic.

      And if you're attempting to show that women have empathy, perhaps refrain from making smug little comments "we don't just look up to them and expect them to solve every problem in the world lol".

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  • The thing is you don't have a culture of women doing the same, and why the fuck should I be nice and supportive of some twisted little fuck who is desperate to get his dick wet and because it isn't happening he lashes out. It's pathetic and I don't see why you think its women's responsibility to help and support, why don't you guys step in and help each other? I'm sick of the blame! You know-how fault it is your life is shit? Yours. You know who can change all that? You. But that can't happen when you're obsessed with finding blame in women. Like you are now, you're actually researching why we don't give a fuck about angry little boys on the internet. You should be rallying men to stand by their brothers and support each other, but what are you doing? Blaming women. Pathetic and pointless.

    • Holy crap! Way to prove his point! Nobody is saying it is a woman's responsibility to support men. However, women constantly say it is a man's responsibility to support women. Sick of the blame? Uh, hello, the level of blame women receive is tiny compared to the non-stop amd obsessive levels of criticism and blame directed towards men.
      And who said anything about 'getting his dick wet'? That u think the only reason a man could be sad is he can't get laid shows how poorly you understand men, and how devoid of human empathy you are. No one is asking for your support, they are asking why you can't feel empathy for men. Which you demonstrated in spades. Your inability to see men as fully human, deserving love and understanding is disturbing. You seem like an awful human being and I'm sorry for any man who has the misfortune of dating you or even being your friend.

    • @PhilipEast Haha seriously! And it's so funny that the only other female response is barely decent. I think there are women out there who have true empathy, but dang. They are hard to find.

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  • Shout out to all you non-misogynistic redpill men from reddit out there.

    Culture may change, but you can't change our biology and our evolutionary drives. All you can do is learn and accept things for how they really are, and make the best out of sad situation.

  • Why do guys come here searching for empathy from women they don't know anyways?

    • Exactly, and then get all upset when strangers don't give a fuck.

    • @GirlScoutsRevenge Well they get upset when you attack them. If you didn't give a fuck you wouldn't comment.

    • They ask for sympathy online because they can't get it in real life from the people they know. It's pretty sad honestly, cause then they just get more of the same callous responses online and everyone wonders why the hell no one is getting along lol.

  • I don't know.. You're likely correct but I really never have taken the time to pay attention.
    I'll skim over some questions and update... Interesting...

  • Yes, women are completely devoid of any form of empathy, they are completely myopic, I think only mothers are capable of empathy, and only to children.

  • Actually Redpillers, MISCers, MGTOWs, etc are usually ugly or weak men. I have extension experience in all of them.

  • Yup. Nature has no value in weak adult men. Women protect and provide for children.

    They can be empathetic to men who are clearly and obviously disabled but essentially he is mentally grouped with the children at that point.