Anyone know how to remove echo and disturbances in a video on vlc?

Was able to do it on GoM but it also drastically reduced the sound.


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  • Unfortunately echo and reverb are impossible to remove without affecting the rest of your audio since it's mixed in with everything else. I have seen software and hardware that claims to fix it but I have NEVER seen it work. Sadly, you need clean video and audio from the start.

    • thanks for info... I downloaded some softwares but they were of no use. Only on GoM player I could reduce the echo but it reduced the sound also to a great extent.

    • If you can get a clean sample of what you want to eliminate it isn't hard, but that's the problem -- the echo or reverb is mixed in so it's not clean, and if it WAS clean, you wouldn't need to fix anything!

      Sorry for the bad news, but I've faced the same problem and haven't found an acceptable solution yet.

    • okay but the feedback is much appreciated.

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  • Stop downloading shit illegal copies, get a better computer, update your Viv. If that doesn't work perhaps try asking a website which specialises in IT. Like GOOGLE!

    • yeah but lot of technical shit there... thought someone would be having first hand experience.

    • Seriously though, my first option for you was basically your only one.