Yo mama, yo daddy, yo baldheaded granny?

She 99, she think she fine, she just got dumped by Frankenstein, she wish, she wish, she just got dissed.
Anyone remember this? Back in the day? Does anyone remember the other ones?


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  • Meat too rough, I wanna ride a bus.
    Bus too full, I wanna ride a bull.
    Bull too black, I want my money back.
    Money back too green, I wanna jelly bean.
    Jelly bean too red, I wanna go to bed.
    Bed not made, I want some lemonade.
    Lemonade too sour, I wanna take a shower.
    Shower too cool, I wanna be a fool.
    Fool too dumb, I wanna suck my thumb.
    Thumb too dirty, I wanna ride a birdy.
    Birdy too slow, and that's all I know.
    Now it's time to count to ten.
    Whoever mess up, starts all over again.
    [counting fast] 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
    Brickwall waterfall, girl you think you know it all
    You don't I do, so push away that atttitude.
    So push away that atttitude.
    Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist
    Shut your mouth and talk to this.
    Now wait, come back.
    You need a tic tac.
    Not a tic, not a tac.
    But the whole six pack.
    My mama, my daddy, my bald headed granny
    She's 99
    She thinks she's fine
    But she goin out with Frankenstein
    Go granny, go granny, go granny.
    What's that?
    A hat?
    A crazy, funky, chicken hat
    Oh snap! Hey Dougie
    Chile if I look like you
    You know that we'd be mad
    We see right through your funky hat.
    [one child makes sound like a chicken crowing]
    Repeat the verse that begins with "What's that".



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  • Wow I haven't heard this in forever.
    Lmao !

    • How about...

      Innie minnie mynie moe
      catch a tiger by the toe
      If he hollers let him go
      Innie minnie mynie moe

    • Still do that for MC questions.