Why does everybody hate the sign Scorpio?

So I recently got into astrology and things like that and I've noticed that most people genuinely hate Scorpios.
I subscribed to zodiac instagrams and tumblr and it's either a Scorpio is Satan himself or a jealous asshole, or better yet a nymphomaniac. I also watched a Buzzfeed video about zodiacs and they had something nice to say about every sign but Scorpio. What gives? Are we really that bad?


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  • As a Scorpio myself I've noticed it too, but I can't say I disagree with most of it. Scorpios are the most powerful sign in the zodiac, we're leaders and we run shit, I think that's fucking awesome. (Also the fact the we're the most sexual is pretty awesome too lol)


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  • I couldn't care less about those signs. They have literally no bearing on our lives.

  • Well they do tend to be stubborn.

  • Yet, we outshine anyone around us because we don't fuck around.
    When we mean business, we mean business.


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  • Haha my aunt is one and she's a pretty horrible person.

    Ah its because its a scorpion. You know, the bug everyone hates and fears in general.

    But don't take zodiac signs to heart, they are vague for the most part and can apply to anyone

    I knew a girl who was one in school and she was as sweet as maple syrup.

    • Exactly sun signs don't define who you are but your moon and rising... just kidding

  • Nooo, scorpios are sweet as hell :D By the way, they're just making fun of the sign. Like how us pisceans always get called fish or something

    • Well fish are cute as fudge

    • but its so annoying like, "Take a pisces to the aquarium!" "Pisces look like fish!" (long flat faces hahaha apparently)
      I sometimes wish I was born a few hours earlier so I would've been born under aquarius :P
      But yeah, I only know a few scorpios but theyre all sweet af people

  • No… everyone hates Geminis…

    • Watch your mouth! My mommy is a Gemini.

    • hahah!
      Well they're the sign known for being "two faced" or multiple personalities.
      I'm sure not all gems are like it haha.

    • Nah my mom kinda is weird in that way. lol

  • well i have only dated two scorpios before and they both cheated on me and treated me like crap so...

    • Well maybe they're just dick, have ya thought about that?

    • A lot of Scorpios when they fall in love they commit to that person like their life depends on it.