Why does everybody hate the sign Scorpio?

So I recently got into astrology and things like that and I've noticed that most people genuinely hate Scorpios.
I subscribed to zodiac instagrams and tumblr and it's either a Scorpio is Satan himself or a jealous asshole, or better yet a nymphomaniac. I also watched a Buzzfeed video about zodiacs and they had something nice to say about every sign but Scorpio. What gives? Are we really that bad?


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  • As a Scorpio myself I've noticed it too, but I can't say I disagree with most of it. Scorpios are the most powerful sign in the zodiac, we're leaders and we run shit, I think that's fucking awesome. (Also the fact the we're the most sexual is pretty awesome too lol)


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  • I couldn't care less about those signs. They have literally no bearing on our lives.

  • Well they do tend to be stubborn.

  • I dont hate them, its one of my favorite signs, Scorpio girls are the hottest ;)

  • Yet, we outshine anyone around us because we don't fuck around.
    When we mean business, we mean business.


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  • Scorpios either like you if
    1. You are good looking
    2. You have a promotion
    3. Both
    Scorpios are the staring problem character, literally pick them out if someone is staring at you too long. The world thinks they creepy psychopaths who lack social etiquette due to their increased eye contact but they think they just looking at you casually.
    They are guilt trip centrals, literally their whole world is against them and everything is seemingly someone elses fault.
    Scorpio ASC more often than not look like vampires. So if someone looks like a potential vampire, they probs got scorpio on the rising.

    Dad being a scorpio sun moon mercury venus mars and pluto
    Attracting Scorp ASC being a Taurus ASC

  • Haha my aunt is one and she's a pretty horrible person.

    Ah its because its a scorpion. You know, the bug everyone hates and fears in general.

    But don't take zodiac signs to heart, they are vague for the most part and can apply to anyone

    I knew a girl who was one in school and she was as sweet as maple syrup.

    • Exactly sun signs don't define who you are but your moon and rising... just kidding

  • Nooo, scorpios are sweet as hell :D By the way, they're just making fun of the sign. Like how us pisceans always get called fish or something

    • Well fish are cute as fudge

    • but its so annoying like, "Take a pisces to the aquarium!" "Pisces look like fish!" (long flat faces hahaha apparently)
      I sometimes wish I was born a few hours earlier so I would've been born under aquarius :P
      But yeah, I only know a few scorpios but theyre all sweet af people

  • No… everyone hates Geminis…

    • Watch your mouth! My mommy is a Gemini.

    • hahah!
      Well they're the sign known for being "two faced" or multiple personalities.
      I'm sure not all gems are like it haha.

    • Nah my mom kinda is weird in that way. lol

  • well i have only dated two scorpios before and they both cheated on me and treated me like crap so...

    • Well maybe they're just dick, have ya thought about that?

    • A lot of Scorpios when they fall in love they commit to that person like their life depends on it.

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