Groquick vs Quicky. Which one do you prefer?


Groquick vs Quicky. Which one do you prefer?

or Quicky?

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  • Quicky
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  • I haven't a clue - I don't even know if I am looking at video game characters or cartoon characters.

    • Type
      Food and Drink
      Industry Food and Beverage
      Founded United States, 1930
      Headquarters Vevey, Switzerland
      Area served
      Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, South America, Africa, Middle East
      Products Nesquik Mix, Nesquik Ready-To-Drink, Nesquik Cereal, Nesquik Syrup, Nesquik (chocolate), Nesquik Hot Chocolate, Nesquik Chocolate Pots, Nesquik Fondue Fountain (licensed product)
      Production output
      US, France, Italy, Canada, UK, China, other markets
      Services Food
      Owner Nestlé
      Parent Nestlé

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    • they say quicky's a gay mascot actually

    • Thanks for MHO

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