Guys in my class make me uncomfortable?

We're all seniors by the way. These group of guys that sit across from me always stare at me. Its a whole section of guys that constantly look at me. (About 8 guys). We have a seating chart and, at times, a couple of the guys would take turns sitting next to me and pull their chair near mine and glance at me throughout the whole period.
One even sat next to me and said out loud "this is the best seat in the class" and looked at me and yes everyone heard. It's really making me uncomfortable since they do it all the time. They're constantly watching me. It doesn't help that Im shy in that class and those guys are the loudest group in our class. One of the guys was sitting really close to me and pointed at me when a friend of his was staring at us. He moved his hand away when I saw him.

When we have class discussions and when one of the guys talk they look directly at me as if he's only talking to me. people have noticed that and just look at us. They know my name and everything, I honestly don't even know most of theirs. Are they just trying to mess around with me? Advice on how to stop feeling uncomfortable?

Update. They wait for me after class now. It's makes me feel ao uncomfortable


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  • Talk to your teacher privately and get moved to a different area. Otherwise, play mind games with them by flirting and then acting like you don't even care who they are.

    • I was thinking about talking to her but im not in the best terms with her sooo i really don't want to bother her. Haha that's really funny but i think ill pass on that

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  • You could be imagining things, I always thought some guy stared at me in class, but sometimes its your imagination. I also notice that when i think someone is staring at me I glance at them for real (not just the corner of my eye) and they're actually not staring at me (just the position of their head looks like it). But once again, some people do stare and i've also had it happen quite often. If you actually see them staring at you and pointing at you they probably think you're pretty, and its normal for them to know your name, they're in your class. If its specifically one group constantly i'd be kind of creeped out though, just ignore them.

    • Haha yeah I thought it was all in ny head but it's been going on since the first day. I've caught them staring at me more than a few times. Whenever I do they always fix their hair and smile at me then look down. It was this guy's birthday (part of the group of guys who look at me) and Im not joking when I say that he was just looking directly at me Nd nobody else when they were singing him happy birthday. There was nobody in front of me. people were looking at the two of us including th teacher. Yup it was awkward 😂😂

    • Oh God 😂😁 that is really awkward. If you catch them staring at you again, just legit tilt your head out and look them right in the eye and give them that look like "Um, are you going to keep looking at me, or?" (Works every time for me lmao). If it keeps happening just roll your eyes and sigh because it tells them you're really annoyed. Or if they sit next to you be like "i'm saving this seat for my friend, sorry", even if they know its a lie do it anyway, at that point, being rude doesn't matter anymore if they're creeping you out lol.

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  • Sounds like the whole group has a thing for you. :/ I would say to avoid since they seem immature. All I can say is to ignore them or ask the teacher to move you.

    • I was thinking of it but Im not in the best terms with my teacher right now so I really don't want to bother her. I feel like they're messing with me. Why would they all just stare and not talk to me. One of them did a couple of times but that was it.

  • maybe you should ask them?