Guys, why are you so into cute girls?

im 20 and a lot of the guys my age are so into the cute type? i feel like at my age its stupid to be cute not endearing or attractive haha. am i crazy for thinking this?

like wouldn't guys want a sexy woman with presence intelligence and a sense of humour over a short girl with a baby voice and dimples? I don't know is this just me that gets annoyed by cuteness?


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  • I think there might exist some confusion over what is actually cute. As @meatballs21 said quite accurately, the type of cute that guys think of has nothing to do with the form of cute that you are apparently thinking of. For example I am extreeeemely into cute girls. I absolutely love them. However, cuteness to me has nothing to do with looking like Paris Hilton or like a Japanese porn star with squeaky voice. Cuteness to me is more something like what I call "the girl-next-door look". I like girls with cute faces who look innocent and goody-goody, who dress casually and look beautiful even if they don't put on any makeup (I actually prefer girls who don't use makeup) and don't do their hair or finger nails because they still have this cute sparkle in their face. The girl in the left photo that @meatballs21 posted goes very much into that direction. One of my personal favorites however is Ellen Page. She looks super cute without doing much about her looks. In fact, I like her the best when she looks the most casual, like here:
    Another teenage celebrity crush of mine is the Swedish actress Rebecka Liljenberg. Here the left girl in the photo:
    She's already in her early 30s now but on this photo she's about 16 and back when I was around 14-20, she was my big crush.

    As you can see with both girls, they don't look doll-like at all. In fact, both of them are very smart women. Ellen Page is known to be a very well-educated and widely interested celebrity and Rebecka Liljenberg (who is probably not known in America) went from being an actress in her youth to studying mathematics and computer science.
    In other words, a girl is for me "cute" if she is smart and independent (a strong woman), yet, at the same time, comes across as a little shy, casual, innocent, perhaps a little clumsy girl-next-door. That's the type of girls I absolutely adore. My girlfriend fits very much into this category actually.
    I don't like girls who look like models because I reject the mainstream beauty standards. When I look at famous models, I can't see what's special about them. When I look at people like Heidi Klum or Cindy Crawford, I always think "they just look like the boring average girls I see all over college campus with a lot of makeup and fancy dresses". They all look the same in my opinion. I like girls who look unique. Girls who have something special about them. And if a girl has a really cute smile and a really cute sparkle in her face, that also makes her very hot.


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  • You’ve very carefully picked qualities to associate with cute and hot to make cute less appealing and immature. I know plenty of cute girls who are also extremely witty and have fully operational brains, and 'hot' girls who can barely tie their own shoes.

    I know I’d pick cute over hot every time.

    • sorry maybe im biased and just going off my own experiences

  • Cute can be attractive and endearing too.

  • Hahaha
    You're definitely a cutie 😂
    So you're saying you're hot 🔥
    ofc guys like hot girls too
    It's just you might be too hot for them 😶?

    • hahaha noooo im not saying that but there is nothing cute about me
      im tall i have a womans body because i developed early and i dont have a cute face. like my look would be considered more sexy than cute for sure.

    • I think you should upload a pic here then you'll know if you're hot or cute 😶?
      But you sound like a jealous cutie 😜 LOL 😁

  • It's all about the cute girls for me. They're so cute, I just wanna squeeze them with hugs. And by the way, it's very easy to spot a "fake cute".