Guys, Why do some Asians hate black girls?

I'm 13 and honestly I don't know if it's the hormones taking over or not but here it goes... I speak with my parents about love but sometimes it doesn't help.. I ask myself "what is wrong with me?"When I went to a tournament I saw Asian guys who were so handsome.. (I was so excited) I looked, I stared and I even smiled to Some Asians But they pretended not to see me and walked away-I literally get compliments everywhere I go of "you're so beautiful" and this little voice is saying "that special Asian guy is looking for you, don't give up" But then I Come back to earth. I feel lonely again to the point I cry myself to sleep... I know they only stay close to their nationality.. But I see Caucasian women with Asians.. Not African-Americans. Some African-Amercian girls aren't bad.. We're not the kind of people who are uneducated, not well mannered and look like a monkey! I watched a Japanese TV show on YouTube and they made African-Americans look horrible! Why is that? My mom and father has always told me "see beyond color don't make fun of people races".. I study mandarin (Chinese) and speak Korean! I'm in honor rolls!! Yet they don't even see that! I go to a grocery store I just smiled at a Asian across from me and he gave me this face like " you look disgusting! I hate you" face.. I look in the mirror (nothing on my face.. Clear skin nice teeth and nice hygiene) what is wrong with me? All I want to accomplish is true love with a Korean, Chinese, etc.. And stare into those cute eyes they have and that nice fluffy hair that makes you want to just run your hands through it! and Omg their food!! With that special love from an Asian male!
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Do Asians mind if they date younger girls? Sorry to say but I like older guys... Like 5 or 6 years older... for some reason... Is that weird?
Guys, Why do some Asians hate black girls?
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