I touch myself in my sleep?

i keep waking up with either my hand in my pants
my pants down
or completely naked with just my shirt on...

Is this normal? i have sexual dreams all the time but im not doing any of that in them...
and i don't remember doing it i just wake up this way...

Does something like this happen to you and how do i stop it i don't want someone to pull a blanket off of me in my sleep and see my balls all over the place


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  • To options
    One: try not to care what others think. I wake up like that sometimes myself.

    Or two: wear zip up pajamas.

  • of course it is normal to hold your cock while sleeping or to take off your underwear if jerking off :P

    • In my sleep though
      It's not even me doing it.. its like my body doing it on its own

    • your body and your brain continue your thoughts as you fall asleep, I recon :P

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