My boyfriend wants to do shrooms, but I don't like the idea... How to explain to him?

Ok, so my boyfriend smokes weed, which I'm totally okay with and he knows that. But today he said he was going to take shrooms with his friends this weekend. When we started dating, he made sure to be explicit about his weed smoking habits and make sure I was okay with it. Now, 7 months later, he's just flat out stating that he is in fact going to go do shrooms.

Some facts:
-This isn't the first time he's done them
-It is the first time since we've been together (to my knowledge)
-He planned to go do it, without talking to me about it, on the night we usually hang out (since we're both so busy between work and college, we only have a couple nights we can actually see each other during the week)

So my ordeal is, this isn't his first time taking them, but I'm not comfortable with him doing it anyways. That's not really something I want to be associated with (which I am, whether I am there or not, by default simply because he's my boyfriend.). I don't really know how to tell him that I'm not comfortable with it, since he brought it up so nonchalantly, like just assumed I was fine with it. It makes me really uncomfortable, like I just have this horrible feeling about it.

I know it's not my choice on whether he does them or not, and I'm not going to tell him that I'd leave him if he does do it, it's totally his choice, but I want him to know how I feel about it. I just don't know how to bring it up, I guess.

Thanks for any tips/advice/etc.


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