Should I let him know I'm in town?

I was seeing a guy and then we stopped. We have gotten along still since but has been on and off. Sometimes he's chatty sometimes he's not. He suggested a job to me and I got it, only problem is he is at the school right next door, no joke it's the building directly next door. I told him I got the job and he was really happy for me. When I last saw him he said message me when your in town (where I'll be working). I just want to be friends though despite still having feelings (there was just something there that was so good when we were seeing one another) but in saying that I want to stay friends too this is because I have a massive feeling he just wants the one thing from me.

Should I message him? If so what should i say? I don't want to make things awkward please help!


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  • Wow, that's great news that you got the job and congrats :) As for the guy situation, i really think you should message him and say that ur in town and excited to start work soon. I mean you should be nice to do that cause he did suggest the job for you, he helped you despite the fact that you two aren't seeing each other anymore. If he wants to meet up then probably do like a lunch or afternoon somewhere public like a restaurant or pub. And when you get there then tell him or make sure that he is clear that you want to be friends.
    And, if he does ask if you could be more than friends then listen to what he has to say first. Then, tell him that you want to take things slow and be friends first and then see where things take you both. Being open about it could help in him not expecting a lot from you and maybe you might feel differently later on and it gives to that time to get to know him more.

    I only said it because i feel that you have a strong connection to him. I don't know how things will go but an advice from me would be that think of the possible things that can happen but then know how to deal with it. It is easier said than done. I hope i helped and good luck