Battle Of Fried Dough Food: Round XXIII?

Maybe finals... and I'd choose Rosquillas... :)

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  • Churro (Spain).
    Churros are from Spain, they were invented there, not in Mexico, you shouldn't have put Mexico.
    I'm honestly a bit tired of Mexico trying to claim some of our foods, just like with horchata. Just because in Mexico they eat it, doesn't mean it's from there, it's like saying Pasta is from the US because Americans eat lots of pasta.


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  • This finals are so tough... I like at least 3-4 of these types of dough... hmm, I think I'll support our neighbours from Montenegro once again ;)

  • As always, I'll go with what looks like Krafne

  • did you ever do zeppoli's, beignets, funnel cake or fried oreos?

    • dunno about others but Zeppoli failed to make it to da finals...

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    • i see you post them daily, but I don't know what time you post them so i never vote. you could get a lot of people to do it if you made it at 7pm on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. i used to go and read a lot of yahoo answers a lot because it used to be funny and some people ranked the top 64 users in a section and did the same thing every march.

    • Every day around 4:30-5:00 PM (St. Louis, Missouri time)...