Guys, I kinda have a crush on my coworker should I text him first?

We stopped texting like while ago. I want to get to know him more since I'm currently interested in him. We talk when we are at work it's fun we get along. I know he isn't interested as I am since he doesn't bother to text me. So I want to take initiative and text him.. start a convo. But I don't know if I should.. last time we texted was 1st of Jan. I see him at work so I can't be like hey how you been lol


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  • No, never text about important things if you can possibly avoid it. Texting may be a "convo," but in no way is it a real conversation appropriate for potential romantic partners. Maybe a single text to get a real conversation started, in which you can arrange a meeting sometime. That I could understand. But make the interaction non-textual just as fast as you can, if you actually want to open the door to a real relationship. (Which is something few humans experience, but that's another story.)