My boyfriend broke up with me over the phone, and he won't speak to me ever since the break up.

me and my boyfriend had been with each other for over 2years, and one night he decided to finish with me over the phone. it was a total shock to me, as we had only been together that weekend and we had a really nice time together. he didn't really give me a proper explanation of why he was breaking up with me. he just said that ever since he had moved away to London for work our relationship was going to fail. he said that his head wasn't in our relationship anymore, and he just wanted to be on his own and concentrate on his work. but why didn't he tell me this that weekend when we were together? ever since that night he hasn't spoken to me. I text a few times the first week of the breakup asking to meet up and talk, but he just replied saying that he wasn't looking on getting back together, and he was happy on his own, and that I had to stop texting him. I haven't tried getting in touch with him since, and it has been a month now since we broke up. I have spoken to his mother, and he has told her that he loves me,and always will, but he doesn't see the point in us being together while he lives so far away from me. and the reason he won't ring me is that he knows if we speak we will get back together, and things will just be back to how they were. I really love him, we had planned to get married and have kids, and I know that he is the person I want to be with. yes,things were hard between us with him living so far away, and we didn't get to see one another much, but id rather see him a little than not at all. will he want to speak in time?


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  • I know it was out of the blue for you, but it wasn't for him. He'd probably been planning it for quite some time and was just working up the courage to end the relationship (especially considering your description of him). Again, ending things over the phone was the safe way out for him.

    Given some time he probably won't be so opposed to speaking with you. However, given his history I would say the first few conversations should be online or over the phone.

    • Ok,even if he had planned to finish with me for a while, don't you think after two years together he could have at least done it to my face? and why did he mention marriage all the time?and say that I was the best thing that ever happened to him, and h couldn't live without me?i really hope he will get in touch at some point, but it isn't looking very promising- its like he's deleted me out of his life.i honestly thought he cared about me, but he obviously doesn't or he would have got in touch by now?

    • It doesn't matter what I think, he didn't want to end things in person so that's what he did. Yeah he said those things and perhaps even meant them... at the time... but I certainly wouldn't be holding my breath that he will be back in your life anytime soon.

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