Boyfriend hasn't called and is ignoring me - should I break up with him?

so my boyfriend of 3 years has been ignoring me for the past week and a half he hasn't called text or anything I waited it out and gave him his space but today I put my pride aside and decided to go out my way and text him and I told him I loved him and that I was worried to please call. so he calls and then I asked him what's going on and he tells me that he is sorry but he cannot talk to me and I asked him why is he acting like that and then he told me he will call when he can talk about I decided to call back again and I told him that he cannot expect for me to just wait around for when he calls because I will not wait around forever that I gave him enough time and space to please talk to me and he said he will call me Thursday

he has done this before that whenever he got mad about something or we had a big argument he would take some days to clear his mind but he would tell me he needs time he wouldn't just stop talking to me out of nowhere and not tell me what the problem was

idk what's going on I know it is not cheating because if my boyfriend didn't want to be with me he would have told me right then and there ...but I haven't done anything to get him upset this was out of the blue the only reason I could think was maybe he got mad I didn't go to a party with him but I don't think it was serious enough for him not to talk to me

idk what to do when we finally do talk ?

is this acceptable ?

I feel so shut out and sad that he is ignoring me and I don't know why...i don't want to break up with him and regret it later on but I don't want this to continue either what should I do? please help

i want him to respect me and not take advantage of my love for him..

is it possible for me to get him to change this without breaking up with him?

and if I don't break up with him will I look stupid?
Boyfriend hasn't called and is ignoring me - should I break up with him?
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