What do the different colour heart emojis mean? Does a red❤, yellow💛, green💚, blue💙and violet 💜emoji all mean the same thing according to you?

I am asking because sometimes I wonder if I use these heart emojis correctly, haha! Thanks for your inputs :-)

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  • The red ones are generally romantic.
    The pink ones are what I use for best friends and in times of 'ahhh man this person is being really amazing right now'.
    I also ocassionally use the purple one for female friends who I'm not as close with, and blue for male friends, I don't know why though.
    I don't use any of the other colours lol.


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  • Ain't nobody got time to colour their hearts...

  • Red: Romantic Love
    Gold: Vice, Love of an Object
    Green: Cuteness
    Blue: Awkward Acceptance of Interpersonal Commentary
    Violet: Hunger pouring from the soul for more

    • Hahaha, I love your answer. You typed so fast XD By the way, is this 💛 emoji a yellow heart or a gold heart?

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    • So what does a yellow heart emoji mean? Does it mean the same as a gold heart emoji?

    • No, clearly not, yellow specifically refers to a rather sarcastic view. A mockery of the "heart of gold" such as saying something snappy before one.

  • All the same to me lol.

    But according to people on here they all have different meanings.

  • Red is love
    yellow is happiness
    green is envy/jealousy
    blue is sadness
    purple is power


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  • Red is love you Yellow is friend. Green is hope and luck. Blue is sadness or sorrow. Purple is power or royalty. Just like roses have smilies meaning to the different colored hearts

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